President Donald Trump Springs His Trap

President Trump Springs His Trap
Image credit to Gage Skidmore. Image modified from original.

Spotlight on the CARES Act days after President Donald Trump made an announcement sparked the interest of many. A series of executive orders have been signed in the public to extend certain parts of the CARES Act.

The CARES Act is a legislation meant to offer temporary relief to anyone suffering from financial crisis or job loss. Sufferers from the economic impact brought by COVID-19 will receive financial aid through the CARES Act. Parts of the said legislative relief ended a few days ago; thus the need for an extension.

The Press Conference

President Donald Trump took the press conference as an opportunity for announcing the crucial executive CARES Act orders where he tasked Minority leader Chuck Schumer and Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Democrats, including Pelosi, embrace the philosophy of Rahm Emmanuel, who was the Chief of Staff for Obama’s administration. Emmanuel believes that a good crisis should not be put to waste. Corruption of the Democrats and their opportunistic views would take advantage of the situation.

The conference did not center on Wuhan China Virus. Few points went beyond the virus and its impact. For instance, the President stressed on the attempt to make mail in voting predominant throughout the country. Also, relief of nearly $1 trillion made available for both local and state governments. The fund is for those who have mismanaged finances for several decades, yet now expect the government to help them.

How did the Republican’s Negotiate?

This was the first time the Republican Party developed a spine, and were able to stick to their line of negotiations. The deadlock was carefully broken by the President. This is considered to  be one of the boldest decisions made by Trump. Over the years, there has been plenty of opposition to executive orders which are planned on congressional legislation. Most of the leaders tend to think twice when it comes to supporting an executive order, or any kind of congressional legislation. Especially when it focuses on unconstitutional usurpation of property regulations and rights.

What does the Order signify?

The order signed by President Trump translates to several political changes. Few notable changes as follows:

The payroll taxes will remain suspended throughout the year in favor of those who are taking home a package less than $100,000.00, retroactive to August 1st. However, this has brought to light a new question. Would Trump remove payroll tax cuts permanently if he is elected as the President one more time? Also, adequate financial support is offered to renters. This is a simple continuation of the moratorium on all the current evictions.

Trump extended the unemployment benefits amounting to $400 per week. The current plan is less than $200 per week from the previous plan. The decrease will motivate people to go to work instead of just waiting for stay at home incentives.

Another impressive move from the President is the temporary deferment of student loan payments. It would keep students at ease until the Wuhan China Virus, and its impacts become under control.

The above changes have pushed the Democrats at a disadvantage.

The genius move of the President targets what the Democrats have thought of as their electorates. He directed on the workforce’s welfare while also aiding those in the sidelines to encourage them more on going back to work.

The current changes are suitable for corporates and employers, too, mainly because employees will be more inclined to go back to work. The postponement of student loans targets young American voters.

The verdict

Signing the executive orders has eliminated the level of urgency of Republicans. The workforce can no longer be subjected to the corrupt practices of the Democrats. Instead, the Democrats now face a dreadful dilemma in figuring out how to turn the tables.