Pregnant Men, Woke Mobs and More…

Pregnant Men, Woke Mobs and More...
Image from video below...

Newsmax TV – Rob Schmitt reveals the wildest news stories from the Left wing of the political sphere – via ‘Rob Schmitt Tonight’ on Newsmax.

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The greatest threat facing America is this potato administration.

There no such thing as a pregnant man repeat. There is no such thing as a pregnant man repeat.

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Captain America

Dumbocraps democracy is hard at destroying the American republic


The Arizona audit has proven the democrats have engaged in massive voter fraud.

No democrat can legitimately claim they won an election. All democrat in any office anywhere are now illegitimate office holders.

Next step new strict voting laws to stop democrat voter fraud and mass arrests of democrats fir treason and insurecction.

First on the list GEORGE SOROS. He funded and masterminded the whole voter fraud scheme. Right down yo him buying the dominion voting machine business.


Every democrats is a fraudulent person.

Their voting if fraudulent. Their ideas are fraudulent, Their outrage is fraudulent.

Democrats are fraud.

Mark Spencer

Okay, explain. is a transgender male actually a female who thinks they want to be a male? Well, unless she’s had mutilation surgery, yes she-he can be pregnant, if she-he stops the hormone cocktail to try to give her male characteristics. She still would have the necessary equipment needed to carry a child from conception to birth, again providing there’s no mutilation. Now if it’s male who is brain dead enough to believe he-she is a female, then it’s totally impossible. The Lord God didn’t give Adam, and therefore all subsequent XO chromosome carrying offspring, the equipment or ability to have any type of conception or child bearing equipment. It’s impossible and can’t happen no way, no how, not ever.


It just goes to show just how far these people have come. They have all lost their collective minds and seriously needs mental help. And anyone who supports them are worse off than them. Mental health officials really need to step in and help these people.