Postmaster General testifies before the Senate

Postmaster General testifies before the Senate
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Postmaster General Louis DeJoy defended his management of US Postal Service to the house on Monday.

There was a big concern about the Postmaster General’s cost-cutting measures, which significantly disrupted the agency’s ability to serve the Americans.

The documents obtained by the House Oversight Committee show that the mail service across the whole nation slowed down. Yet, the Postmaster General denied any link between overall slowing down of the process and attempting to reduce the mail-in voting system for the presidential election this year.

DeJoy seemed quite confident in his opening statement. According to him, the Postal Service is fully ready and equipped to accommodate all the mail ballots that the Americans will send.

However, DeJoy told the voters to request and send the ballots early. He assured that the Postal Service could handle any surge in the total number of traffic in ballots.

In extreme situations, Postal Service wouldn’t have to undertake more efforts than the present. USPS is already currently handling a large volume of mails. DeJoy explained further on Friday when he testified before Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

Such are DeJoy’s first public remarks since Democrats and many experts came up with different controversial charges at the agency like reducing overtime hours of the employees, eliminating hundreds of postal sorting machines, etc.

DeJoy also acknowledged the problems caused by his new initiatives but said that many of them had been long in the works and maintained a proper routine. In most cases, these were the decisions taken by the lower-level managers without involving the Postmaster General.

DeJoy strongly expects the Postal Service to put its best efforts and get through all backlogs and dips that the service has been experiencing for a long time.

According to DeJoy, most of the time, transitions don’t go as smoothly as expected. Having a proper recovery process is really important and should have been resolved immediately, but many other things disrupt the USPS. The department should have cleared it promptly.

However, the department is also already making up with lost times and now focusing on faster recovery.

The internal changes to the Postal Service department have caused irk on both sides of the aisle. Yet on Monday, Democrats attacked DeJoy multiple times and accused him of being President Trump’s ally and significant donor of the Republican party.

Lawmakers praised him on his dedication and commitment to handle any surge in the election mail effectively, and on his outstanding job to eliminate all the disruptions for the people who greatly depend on Postal Service for their medications and other crucial deliveries. They also praised DeJoy’s financial position and a background as the fundraiser for the Republican party.

The Postmaster General proved his dignity by standing his ground and acknowledging that he is a Republican and a staunch supporter of the president. He also said that the initiatives like removing mailboxes and withdrawing sorting machines were part of regular operations at the agency, which has spent years acclimating the steady decline in mails’ total volume.

The Republicans pointed to the recently passed legislation. The bill has blocked the Postal Service from making any changes in the services or operations through at least January.