Portland Provides Housing For Violent Rioters

Portland Provides Housing For Violent Rioters
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Portland provides housing facilities to some agitated rioters, albeit destructive protests in the city. After the untimely death of George Floyd, the city opened three homeless tents, with “Harbor of Hope” as one of them.

Situated near the Willamette River, the place is a stone throw away from the Hawthorn Bridge. Many people have noticed that some people responsible for causing agitation, rioting, and damage are putting up their livelihoods across the river.

They are enjoying several amenities like proper shelter, food, etc. Due to the pandemic of coronavirus, all public places are closed. Amid such adversities, Portland has successfully erected costly forged structures, including the best arrangement for washrooms.

As per local officials, a shower truck will rotate among all the three villages to facilitate quality drinking water. Other essentials provided by tent villages include:

A station for charging phone,

A kitchen,

Trash service,


Bags for sleeping,

Private fencing.

Mayor Ted Wheeler and Jo Ann Hardesty planned the housing for the homeless. As per the reports by OPB, the start-up cost is nearly a million dollars, including $250,000 for supporting shelters. The overall cost is highly staggering.

Providing portable bathrooms and showers all across the city will cost near about $877,800. A high portion of funding is dedicated to hiring station attendants. The budget is also inclusive of funding for a new shelter in southeast Portland and developing the Navigation Center, which will cater to only homeless adults.

Mayor Ted Wheeler was known for presiding over the riots. In Portland still, hundreds of people came into the road for peaceful protest. But a small group broke off, and as per police, blocked traffic and light up fires. The police later have cleared the traffic.

In the recent week, fires had lit inside the police headquarters and the proper justice center downtown. Some lobbed fireworks at the police and buildings. Until now, more than 550 people have been arrested for the protest, yet media found some people repeatedly protesting and rioting.

The city still provided some benefits to such homeless. However, due to the pandemic, they did not get proper food and drinks, which might have sparked protests. Local officials promised them to provide tank water for shower, and the entire truck will rotate between the three villages.

The government and police are also planning to tighten and control security. Now, people slowly calmed down and utilized whatever the government provided them.

Mayor Wheeler fires at the president for threatening to pull-out federal funding if the riots do not stop.