Portland PD Runs Antifa Right Off The Streets

Portland PD Runs Antifa Right Off The Streets
Image Screenshot From boot licker viti Twitter Post Below.

The recently uploaded Portland night video is actually quite funny to see. Rather than dutifully march down the street and “persuade through movement” like they have done recently, the Police Department of Portland chose to issue a full-on charge in order to get the Antifa and BLM rioters run off the street to clear the area.

You can see it from the series of video uploads published on Twitter.

Police have arrested a lot of rioters on the street where there are many homes on both sides. According to the reporter, many residents are making their views known to oppose the rioters.

But then again, this is also a fact that many of the residents were truly afraid of things that are happening right outside their windows. This shows the pain felt by those in the neighborhood regarding the current situation.

It’s not possible to make a definitive judgement from the series of videos, but the force being applied by the Portland PD and Oregon Police Force seems to be increasing with time.

It could be a strategy to “persuade” some of the protestors to quit before they personally suffer an injury or arrest.

It could also be a reflection of the frustration felt by the law enforcers over the same thing happening night after night. It’s highly likely that the feeling of frustration is adding to an earlier sense of impotence, when the political leaders of Portland were happy to take the backseat, allowing the protesters to attack the symbol of their oppositions like Federal Court houses and Federal Opposition agents.

Not all these federal agents protecting the federal houses are out-of-town Bortac members from customs and border patrol. Some of the agents protecting the federal courthouses are the members of the local community. They have regular contacts with the state and local counterparts on different projects where they work together.

For example, the US Marshal operates a fugitive apprehension task force in every judicial district. This force is comprised of federal, state, and local officers who work together to apprehend the most dangerous criminals who have either state or federal outstanding warrants.

The Marshals are members of the DOJ’s Organized Crime and Drug Enforcement Task Forces, which are heavily staffed by the more numerous state and local officers. What the OCDETF means to convey is that local officers should be given better equipment and better pay, which state or local agencies may not be able to afford on their own.

The local residents already saw what the Antifa and BLM rioters did. Now, local politicians are also not covering the rioters and it’s pretty much “Open Season.”

Luana Elliott, a resident of Portland, spent a portion of her Thursday morning outside the Portland Police East Precinct building, the site of recent unrest from protesters that have turned into riots a handful of times.

Elliott wasn’t there to protest. She was there to clean up the plaque outside the police precinct. “In honor of all good police officers that have died in the line of duty,” she said. “Thomas [Layton] Jeffries is a really good man.”

Jeffries was shot to death while on duty on July 20, 1997 by a man sought for shooting a child earlier that night. He was 35 and was survived by his pregnant wife.

“That’s why I am here. I cleaned the plaque up and I can’t believe this is going on,” she said. “For this to happen here in a quiet neighborhood, there’s a community center across the street. A lot of these officers are good police officers. They just want to do their job. They want to protect.”

The police charges of this night included rioting, interfering with police officers, criminal mischief, disorderly conduct, attempted assault of public safety officers, reckless driving, and resisting arrest. One person arrested is from Kentucky, while another is from Minnesota.

Elliott is fed up with the violence and mayhem.

“If you are in a community in Portland, you need to stand up and help me stop this. This is not the Black Lives Matter, this is antifa and other groups,” she said.

“This has got to stop. It’s losing the message for any good.”