Portland Again: Antifa and BLM Storm Through the Streets Destroying Everything!

Portland Again: Antifa and BLM Storm Through the Streets Destroying Everything!

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– Brock Simmons from The Gateway Pundit reports, After PEACEFULLY smashing up churches, historical museums, and immigrant run businesses the other day, the antifa terrorists of Portland have once again proven that there is no low they won’t sink to.

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Chauvin immediately stood and calmly placed his hands behind his back. Imagine where’d we be had George done the same.

They are going to burn everything down and then wonder why there is nowhere to get food or water. They are a virus. Cancer. Once Portland is gone they will spread somewhere else.

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Why are the citizens allowing animals to tear up their cities. If that crap were going on in my city, the Patriots, myself included, would be out in droves and take it back!!

Roy Pirhala

Don’t degrade the animals – they are acting like humans.

Michael wisley

They are acting like typical democrats

Billy Vincent


Briben biden

Portland has been supporting these ridiculous thugs for 30 years. they started out calling themselves anarchists then changed to antifa in an attempt to appear to have an actual cause. now they are teaming up with BLM because that sounds like more of a cause even though it is a fake cause as well. The Portland and Oregon governments have supported he behavior the whole time while the state has become more and more consistently democrats.

The truth is the citizens of Portland and Oregon voted for this destruction. there is no reason to be upset or angry. Portland loves the violence, raping, burning, murders, and looting. they love the burned out post apocalyptic look.

If Portland and Oregon did not like it they would stop voting democrats but they don’t.

By comparison if the thugs tied this stuff in Idaho they would get shot so they don’t go there. When the thugs talked about going to Coeur d’alene Idaho the citizens lined the streets carrying their guns.and the thugs went back to Portland.

So the sntifa / BLm people can be stopped. Portland just love them so much they don;t want them stopped. Don;t feel bad for Portland they are getting what they like.


Wow! Maybe you’re right. It does make sense, otherwise it would have stopped by now. I just hope the cruise ships move their port out of Seattle or I will be forced to take my Alaska Cruise from a different destination

Doris Burgess

The reasons why these criminals are getting away with this is that the Governor, Kate Brown is doing absolutely nothing to end it! Whether she supports them or not, she is complicit in all the destruction they have caused. When are the residents and business owners demand she be impeached and removed from office? When are they going to speak up forcefully in the State House? When are they going to vote out of office every state representative, mayor and Senator that ignores their crimes? If they do nothing, expect this to continue unabated and worse expect people to die from the actions of these criminals.

Billy Vincent

The government will NOT BAN WHAT BENEFITS THEM !


The voters put these people into office, therein lies the problem, the VOTERS!


They would loot and burn anyway no matter the verdict.


Simple, just kill them, and I do not care what color they are, or what sex they are, whether male, female, or an IT, just KILL THEM, and IT WILL STOP…

Billy Vincent

The government supports violence!! Just ask Maxine Waters, and Biden, and Pelosi, Schumer, AOC, ETC, ETC, ETC !! Antics, BLM, voted them in office !! Now they and others OUTLAWS want payback !!!


The citizens of Oregon are getting tired of their failed leadership in the government and it will be reflected at the polls. The western part of the state is heavy with liberal voters and they are being subjected to more BLM violence than the rural areas of the state. Reaping what you vote may be what they are reaping.

Michael wisley

The citizens of Portland ore again are morons and they will keep voting in the same idiots just watch and see


BLM/Antifa in training to be The Enforcers when the Democrat Socialists take over the Republic. Burning, looting and bludgeoning have been an effective method for Enforcing the citizens of Portland to bow down. Now the Enforcers will be unleashed on the rest of America. Will we all bow down to the Enforcers? Why do you think the mob has been able to get away with this mayhem? They are an arm of the Democrat party.
The army is being cleansed of any conservative thinkers and loyalists by General Lloyd Austin, appointed to head the Pentagon by Nancy Pelosi,
to make sure the troops are Woke and ready to defend the Billionaire Elites and the New leaders of the Democrat Party and assist in the absolute takeover. All conservative thinkers and Republicans in our armed services will probably receive discharges as ‘undesirables’. If you voted for this, God help you. If you didn’t vote for this, God bless you. You will be able to live with yourself knowing you did the right thing.
Mike Lindell on OAN today at various hours. Tune in and learn the REAL STORY.


Portland, Minnehaha and NYC are beginning to resemble “third world shitholes.” And which political party runs these places?

Last edited 5 months ago by HankRB
Ken Shelton

When Portland gets fed up with the thugs and all they stand for it will stop. Biden isn’t going to do a damn thing too help the people out!! The time has come too take you city back. I have no tolerance for sheep. Recall you mayor, recall the governor and stand behind you police force!! Funny those thugs don’t screw with Republicans and their cities.


It’s high time for armed federal troops with orders to shoot to be sent to Portland to restore law and order.


Why isn’t the government sending in the army to stop this terrorists attacks in our country . They had it right after 911 but now turn a blind eye to the terrorists . Hell they sent the 6th seal team over seas to take down the terrorists that attacked us , but now sit by saying it’s just peaceful protests . Shows the terrorists are their doings in our country’s destruction . They pay they to do this and yet you dumb ass snowflakes back them … why ??? Guess it doesnt matters as long as their not a tracking your homes or bussness . Wait they will


Arrests and public executions with notices that this will be the penalty

Michael wisley

L looks to me like they are peaceful a protesters and they are doing exactly what Portland Oregon has wanted for the last year Portland Oregon you got what you wanted so shut up and enjoy it


Sounds like a unlawfully gathering as claimed by the capital riots
Gather all the criminals up and send them south of the border