Police Threaten to Pull Out After Football Game Turns into a Rally for BLM Terrorists


Politics has invaded almost every area of the lives of Americans, including sports. Recently, the professional sports leagues such as the NBA and the NFL have become more and more involved in political maneuvers. Now, even high school football is no longer spared from politics.

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During a football game at Lakewood High School in Cleveland, Ohio, someone chose to use the public address system before the game to announce that the school would be an “agent of change” to help combat the “systemic” racism spread in “society as a whole.”

“All of the visiting parents were completely caught off guard,” popular Cleveland radio host Bob Frantz told PJ Media. His son was playing in the game. “We were standing respectfully for the playing of the Lakewood alma mater, and when it ended they began a new song.”

The song played was Lift Every Voice and Sing, which is known as the “black national anthem.” The song was also played in NFL stadiums before, as a part of the BLM movement.

“Then, when [the announcer] began telling everyone how horribly racist American society is, we were livid,” said Frantz. He is the host of Frantz Authority. “Most of us sat down immediately, and the three dads near me, all of whom were police officers, were visibly angry. One said he would have walked out if it wasn’t his son’s senior season,” he continued.

“Let us pause and reflect on the inequality that our nation has faced since its beginning,” said the announcer as the marching band played the black national anthem.

The voice continued, “The deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Tamir Rice among others remind us of the systemic racism that persists across so many of our nation’s institutions and society as a whole. By acknowledging, discussing, and taking action to address these inequalities, Lakewood City School aims to be an agent of change, not only in our community but in the world.”

The voice emphasized, “We must all take a stand against racism. Let this be the moment when our children someday look back and say, ‘This is when we stood together for change.’”

Sources have confirmed that both the school principal and the band director knew about the planned speech in advance. Another source said that Lakewood police are furious about the political stunt. They have been threatening to pull security from the football games until they receive an apology.

Despite the complaints from the parents and the law enforcement officials, the school apparently still plans to repeat the stunt at future football games. They have announced to remove the names of those who have been killed in encounters with the police. They also plan to read a tribute to first responders at halftime as a compromise with law enforcement.

Although they plan to continue showing their support for the BLM movement, they have allowed a compromise with the police. Respect for our neighbors’ beliefs is what we need to have peace.