Police Agencies Pull Out Of Providing Security For The Democratic National Convention

Police Agencies Pull Out Of Providing Security For The Democratic National Convention

The democratic national convention is due in August in Milwaukee. Indeed, this is a much-awaited gathering before the November elections.

The preparations for the occasion gained more pace. This may be due to the outburst of the pandemic, and the need to ensure that everyone gathering at the event is safe and sound.

As part of preparations, many police officers were booked. However, something unexpected came into place. Recent reports reveal that more than a hundred police agencies have chosen to withdraw from the agreement. They don’t intend to take part in the Democratic National Convention. These agencies are no longer sending their personnel to manage and bolster security at the occasion. A major reason behind this decision is the regulation against tear gas. 

On several times, tear gas is used as a part of the security protocol in places where many people gather. However, there was a declarative order that tear gas should not be used to control crowds at the national convention. The police officers were taken aback by this rule. 

The Talks! 

A week ago, a commission was organized, and it directed the Milwaukee police chief to focus on why the tear gas is unnecessary. The citizen oversight commission started with the details on why tear gas is used in the first place. Also, the speech became extensive, and touched details on why the tear gas is an integral component of most protests that happened in May, and June-2020. 

Sooner, the commission wanted to modify the policies maintained at Milwaukee regarding the use of tear gas. Its primary goal was to ban the use of such products. This mainly includes the use of pepper spray and tear gas. Later, an order was released by the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission which stated that Police Chief Alfonso Morales would be removed from his role and responsibilities if he fails to achieve the targeted decision. 

The order took into consideration the intense scrutiny maintained by most police officers during protests. These tactics were employed by police officers, who were at the Portland, Oregon protests too. The use of these methods is not limited to these regions but throughout the country.

With the order, many law enforcement agencies (hundreds of them) have decided to stand against. This includes agencies from various parts of Wisconsin and other states. All of them have decided to vote against the order coming from the police department of Milwaukee. 

The Specifics 

There are no details about the agencies that would be coming, and those that have chosen to revoke the agreement. Also, there are no details on how many police officers from the agencies will be commissioned. In the beginning, the event was supposed to have 1000 officers from external agencies, to support security. Even today, the idea of using federal assistance and the National Guard is under review. 

Details about the Democratic National Convention 

The Democratic National Convention is planned for the 17th of August 2020. The event is scheduled to happen at the Wisconsin Center, which is located at Milwaukee.

Due to the pandemic, the event has been scaled down to only 300 in-person attendees. The rest of the crowd is expected to attend through virtual means. In fact, most of the speeches, including Joe Biden’s addresses, will be from other locations.

However, there is news that Biden is planning to arrive at the venue to accept nominations for the November elections. Though the event is organized on such a small scale, many police agencies and officers have planned to organize protests. 

When comments were requested from the Milwaukee police department, or the spokeswoman for the convention – either of them chose to not respond. 

Meanwhile, Police Chief William Lamb revealed that most of the plans are failing miserably. Lamb expects more agencies to withdraw from the agreement too. Lamb is a member of the Executive Police Group in Wisconsin and heads a team that features more than 20,000 candidates. 

A major concern in such events would be the protests, which make the entire occasion non-peaceful. Crowd control would be extremely difficult especially that the policy banned the essential tools that can be of great help should adverse conditions arise.