Schools Must Reopen, What Are We Doing?

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Mike Pence, the Vice President of the United States, pushes President Donald Trump’s administration to reopen educational institutions. He suggested incorporating numerous safety measures to safeguard the students against the pandemic. He further insisted that they would prioritize securing children’s health at all costs.

Pence then spoke in front of a comparatively small audience at Indianapolis’s Marian University. He is resolute that the reopening of schools was an extremely crucial factor so that parents could return to their jobs.

According to Pence, recommencing the schools would be the very first step to stabilizing the jobs of people. This is in contrast to Donald Trump suggesting that schools located in virus hotspots should delay the reopening.

An overview on the recent happenings of the pandemic

The COVID-19 outbreak has brought about a major halt to the world as a whole. Along with taking away several lives, the pandemic has affected the global economy entirely. Furthermore, anxiety and stress have majorly crept into people’s lives due to the enhanced uncertainty of the future.

Another age-group that has been severely affected by the pandemic is the youth. With constant lockdowns and social isolation, schools have also stopped operating physically.

This mere element has brought a stop to the education of the upcoming generation. Moreover, employees working at these educational institutions are now encountering severe financial constraints.

What is Spence suggesting?

While the pandemic may not cool down anytime soon, the Vice President of the United States is considering reopening schools. Pence suggests that along with being a considerate factor for children, it can also benefit the working families.

The former governor of Indiana recently heard the administrators engaging about the safety measures that should be taken. In a small meeting that took place in the private Catholic University, the administrators jotted down some necessary security measures.

Pence then spoke about the risk of COVID-19 among children. He spoke ahead by saying that healthy children have a very minimal chance of being infected by the virus.

He then spoke about how in-person learning is extremely important for the education of children. He discussed different counseling citing resources and other prominent needs that could benefit children.

Pence then elaborated on how not educating your children may cost you significantly in the long-run. In brief, he believed that the lack of education might be riskier to your children’s future more than the pandemic.

Impact of COVID-19 on children

The exact science behind the ramifications of COVID-19 on children is unclear. Nonetheless, the pandemic as a whole has undeniably impacted the mental health of the youth. Apart from being exposed to the virus, children are also encountering mental and social health issues.

Experts suggest that the outbreak is not as critical among children as that of adults and people with a health history. In most cases, children may experience only mild symptoms. However, the pandemic has left several children reflecting on their lives.

Along with the uncertainty of what the future might look like, children are clueless about how to spend their vacations. Moreover, the added risk of sending children back to schools is further infecting families if they contract COVID-19.

Some safety measures which were discussed

After different discussions on reopening the schools, updated guidance was issued. This guidance was issued by the Centers for Disease and Prevention. The guidance encouraged institutions to engage with the local officials for making the final decision on reopening schools.

Along with considering the transmission rate of the virus, the guidance jotted down the critical measures to take. These measures revolved around maintaining social distancing, sanitizing, and wearing masks at all times.

Wrapping it up

This discussion that Pence laid out took place after a Republican State attorney candidate fundraiser. The Public Affairs’ Associated Press- Norc Center released a poll this week. The poll accounted for Americans who did and did not support reopening schools.

According to the poll, over forty-six percent (46%) of Americans suggest making alterations for opening K-12 schools. On the other hand, thirty-one percent (31%) of Americans are not in favor of noting the instructions in person. The recommencement of schools is unquestionably a very overwhelming challenge for most students and families. However, it also brings about hope eliminating financial strains among working families.