Pelosi’s Unbelievable New Request of Law Makers…

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– Cristina Laila from The Gateway Pundit reports, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday suggested that members of Congress who don’t prove vaccination status should be denied access to the House floor. There is a rebellion brewing over Pelosi’s mask mandate. GOP lawmakers are refusing to wear masks so Pelosi is throwing a tantrum.

Top Comments:

Pelosi said”their constitutional duties” SO sarcastically! Yes, she HATES anything that has more power than her.

Everybody should just get rid of Pelosi and put somebody in there who is going to help us keep our freedom instead of her taking our freedom away from us.

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Make her wear a mask to cover the whole ugly prune face.

Stacy Dougherty

Pelosi you can wear the mask forever IF YOU WANT! I wouldn’t mind. lol Just think the mask will catch your denture when ever you open your big mouth!

John J

Pelosi is deranged alcoholic who is unfit to serve in ANY office and should be removed

Stacy Dougherty

I like to see her liquor bill when ever she flies on the planes that US citizens pay for her pleasure!


Never listen to a flossy; they will suck your brain dry.


Power hungry,angry person. How about someone put a bag over her head. She won’t know if others are wearing face diapers 😆


Well it looks like Peloski aka Pelosi aka Pollack will it be on the House Floor for awhile. This Clown hasn’t seen the Needle Yet. So she ain’t gonna be on the Floor for awhile. No Mask No Floor Peloski aka Pollack.

Perry Dale Irvin

when is someone going to get enough balls to tell this hasty old bitch to get out of the house of reps. and elect someone that doesn’t hate America!!!!!!!


Oh! I thought her request was for more booze in her office and plane.