Pelosi’s Darkest Secret on Jan 6th is Exposed by Rep Banks…

Pelosi's Darkest Secret on Jan 6th is Exposed by Rep Banks...
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– Rebecca Downs from Townhall reports, On Sunday morning, Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) spoke to Martha MacCallum on “Fox News Sunday ” about the select committee to investigate the January 6 Capitol riot.

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The problem is Nancy never got over the fact that Trump won. It keeps her up at night and lives in her head

Piglosi needs to stop her communist lies

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Turkey neck Nancy is what happens when you give a crazy female power , They can’t handle it . So far every female in our democrat government turned out to be bat shit crazy from the power given them . look at who Iam talking about , their all in the papers everyday from some crazy crap their crying about . Teaching kids in 3rd grade about sex … really … they should be playing baseball or with dolls . Not learning about gay sex or porn. What the hell are the teachers thinking . Are they setting the kids up for sex ??? Sure sounds like it to me . Why are the laws set up so these crazy can take over like this . Why can’t they be removed when they go off the deep end ??? If you think the delusional democrats have your best interest at heart … your in for a big surprise. They dont care about you , only your vote

Gerald S Ladd

Funny how they never mention the fact that Trump offered to call in the national guard, and the rag bag declined it.

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Christophe Jonatowski

This post is factually incorrect. The Speaker of the House (Pelosi) is *NOT* responsible for Capitol Hill security.

Bart Ohama

Nancy ‘Marie Antoinette’ Pelosi is a typical ‘thin skinned’ Democrat who only have LIES to live on. Trained in Mafia tactics by her Mafia connected father and used the tactics to control her crooked/corrupt House Democrats, lots of skeletons in their closet. Only the dictator Pelosi needs to wear mask, not for COVID but to hide her crevice lined face, BOTOX and Plaster of Paris is NOT working and 90 year old skin rules out plastic surgery.

Richard Pickard

Always believe she should be removed. Orchestrated the occupation of the capital. Rather than protecting it


Has anyone noticed that the Chief of Police for the Capitol Bldg. is a person connected with B.L.M. HOW IS THIS ALLOWED. NANCY Pelosi has a picture of him and her together and the tears were not real. They all need to be GONE. I would say fire all of the Capitol police and start over. How come the premises around the White House supposedly had pipe bombs buried (OR NOT) the people did not plant them and there was a lack of Capitol Police on duty and why did they lie and say how many had their eyes gouged and police were shot and in fact it was proven the protestors were staged by Nancy Pelosi to do the riot or peaceful protest (riot) and B.L.M. Chief of the Captiol Police and the only one shot, was shot by someone in hiding just waiting to shoot someone. The truth is they have never showed his face or her face, and acknowledged she was the only shot and killed by someone or a person employed and yet they have people in the House carrying everyday. The biggest problem is Nancy Pelosi and her gang that has caused trouble for years. Nancy needs to be 302’d and she is long overdue for a permanent vacation and thinks now she is the Judge jury and executioner and all her buddies tag along so they can get rich. The government needs shorter terms for offices and evaluations every 3 months by a Physiciatrist as well as a Proctologist to make sure they are clean clear through, and the bowels go out the other end instead of their mouths.
Nancy is the dictator, she is even going to tell Biden to hurry up and admit he is not able to be President. If Kamala Harris gets in as President, Nancy will have a hard time trying to dictate to Kamala, with her Cackeling and Nancy’s teeth running around in her mouth and will kill Kamala with her gavel. You all asked for what you are getting and it is sad because not one of you paid rent in the ‘PEOPLES” house and should have been thrown out, when you said HELLO TO OBAMA AND THE CLINTONS ,did Nancy meet Epstein or vacation on his island? Maybe she should go buy that island and move there ‘forever” SHE IS NOTHING BUT EVIL.WHO paid to bring in the white vans full of BLM OR ANTIFA AND LOCKED THE BUSES UP FOR THE CAPITOL POLICE SHE TOLD TO STAY HOME, THE National Guard was down town directing traffic and freezing and members of the Congress bought them pizza for food. Now Biden put all the Illegal Aliens up in a hotel and paid for it and the Guards slept in the parking garage and went to a public bathroom. The only reason Jan 6 happened was because Nancy Pelosi was afraid and she can not get past her pea brain of destroying Trump and now she joined Biden. I wonder when the Bidens and Pelosi’s Clinton’s and Obama’s will be leaving for China, or and John Kerry he has been hiding through all of this. Don’t forget to take Fieinstein, Shumer, Blumenthal, Hirono and Warren, Booker, Blochaur and Shiff and anyone else oh Swalwell, that is only a handful you may need 2 jets. Don’t forget to take your masks, you will need them in China. BAH BUY THIS IS THE BOTTOM LINE A VETERAN WAS SHOT AND KILLED IN THE WHITE HOUSE AND NOT ONE DAMN THING HAS BEEN DONE ABOUT IT. ALL THE PEOPLE YOU HAVE INCARCERATED ARE THER ILLEGALLY. PELOSI DOES NOT CARE TO READ OR LISTEN TO THE CONSTITUTION AND OUR RIGHTS TO FREE SPEECH AND THEY CONTINUE TO DISMISS IT. NOTHING BUT DEPLORABLES.
MAKE SURE YOU GET THE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS THE CO VID 19 SHOT BE-CAUSE THEY HAVE CO VID 19 AND WILL BE SPREDDING IT, ALL OVER THE COUNTRY SINCE YOU TURNED THEM LOOSE, AND DID NOT CLOSE THE BORDER. NOT SMART NOT SMART JOE BLOW FROM WINDY CITY. OH I FORGOT NADLER AND DURBIN OH WELL YOU KNOW THEM just don’t forget them they deserve the best with the rest of you and your other croonies. YOU ARE ALL SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY. TRUTH BE KNOWN THE ONES THEY ARE BLAMING, WERE ACTUALLY LET IN, AND WERE SUPPOSEDLY LEADING THE CROWD AWAY FROM WHERE THE SENATORS WERE MEETING, IN ORDER TO KEEP THE CROWD AWAY, BECAUSE NANCY WAS SURE THEY WERE GOING TO KILL HER. NOW SHE IS HIDING THE PERSON WHO SHOT BABBITT AND NO CHARGES WERE FILED AND THAT IS NOT OK. The people being held in custody are being held unlawfully. Nancy Pelosi has committed far worst nonsense and does not have the authority to dictate to the Congress and has been acting like she is the # 1 person with all the say. She needs to be removed because she has been over riding her job description for the last 4 years against DonaldTrump and has been an instigator ever since she started her witch hunt against Donald Trump. Her brain is stuck on STUPID AND HAS OTHERS VETTING HER ALSO.

Max Ippad

The dem dragon lady needs to retire to her fancy home in frisco and live out her elder years in peace (if possible)….