Pelosi Says Trump ‘Cult’ Has Hijacked The Republicans

Democrat house speaker Nancy Pelosi appeared on MSNBC last Tuesday and stated that the Cult of President Donald Trump has hijacked the iteration of the Republican Party.

The comment was made during the discussion about John Kasich, who appeared on the first night of the Democrat’s National Convention last Monday. According to Pelosi, it’s a big plus for democrats. Pelosi encouraged her GOP friends to regain control of their party.

The Republicans should focus more on taking their party back. The party is not the same as it was before. The Republican is the Grand Old Party, and they have done so many things for the nation. The main agenda and culture of the Republican party have been hijacked by a group of people who believe in cults, and people who have no courage to defy the cult leader. This not what the Republican party in the United States of America should be, according to Pelosi.

What Pelosi has tried to do is call for both sides of the political spectrum to unite. According to her, the Republicans need discuss the roles of the government in the lives of country’s citizens. Pelosi also said that it is really important to find a common ground, and to do what the Constitution makers actually intended when they founded the nation.


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Trump and his supporters have been accused of following a cult policy and working in that manner on multiple occasions. Sonali Kolhatkar, the famous journalist of The Inquisitr, reported that the real estate king Donald Trump has implemented a death cult and has been religiously following it. For him, political gain always comes before the lives of the American people during this pandemic, even as the active coronavirus cases and number of deaths skyrocket.

In an interview session with Raw Story, the author of The Cult of Trump, Steven Hassan strongly backed Kolhatkar’s accusation against Donald Trump.

According to Hassan, Donald Trump is the leader of a death cult. Hassan also said that Trump would be the perfect leader of the death cult — especially with the novel coronavirus overwhelming the entire health care system.

This particular comment specially came after the push from the crucial members of the GOP to accept a certain level of fatality in order to maintain the whole economic structure of the nation.

Pelosi also said that they will be voting on Saturday to ensure that not only do the Republicans reverse what they did with the USPS, but they will also make up for the damage they have caused so far, and that they will have to tell everyone in this country. This is not about the election, it’s about the health of American people. This is about the coronavirus. When it’s about health, it has to go well beyond the election. The mail ballots will be treated as first class mail, so they will be sorted in the most timely fashion. Voting by mail ballots will help to cast the people’s votes swiftly and orderly.

According to the reporter in that interview, most Americans worry that their votes won’t be counted. People shouldn’t pay any attention to Donald Trump. His main objective is to jeopardize the entire election system by injecting fear into the people by saying their vote won’t be counted.

What would be the use of voting if that were true?

The American people should ignore him. The legislation regarding the election says that there has to be physical distancing because of the coronavirus, which means there have to be more polling spaces. The people should be able to vote without risking their lives.

The best way to avoid all these hassles is to vote by mail, which requires money, according to Nancy Pelosi.