Peaceful Protesters Force Mayor Ted Wheeler To Move From His Condo

Ted Wheeler, Mayor of Portland, Oregon, decides to find a new crash pad for his family’s safety. He currently resides at a swanky and upscale condominium building in the posh area, known as Pearl district.

More than hundreds of protesters congregated outside his condo unit on Monday. Dangerous fireworks shot up, causing windows to shatter and crack. Graffitis are also all over, while the commotion was very threatening.

It was more like a madhouse as the protesters started to vandalize and tried to burn the building. Some weird object was burned and shoved inside the unit. The neighborhood and other building residents were likewise alarmed and scared for their safety.

The police had to step in to control the frantic mob and stop the menacing vandalism. A total of 19 protesters were arrested.

Mayor Ted Wheeler didn’t take long before calling the shots. Early the next day, he sent out letters to his neighbors who were reckoned as nothing but collateral damage by the protesters. Mayor Wheeler addressed his concerns and stated his decision to move out of the luxury condo. Wheeler said that he would move out immediately.

The building Ted Wheeler resided along with his family, is luxurious, and moving out was hard. The condo unit is steeply-priced at $840,000. Protest right at the doorstep of such a grand building was unprecedented and attested to the uncontrollable outrage of anarchists that have plagued Portland and the country at large.

Wheeler briefly wrote his heartfelt apology thru the letter, stating, “The anarchy that broke out last night has caused mammoth terror in you. I am deeply saddened by the turn of events (protests) that has caused you mental agony.”

He added, “We, the Wheelers, are traumatized and alarmed. Homes are damaged and the building is impaired too. There are no words to calm you for the vandalism you have experienced first hand.”

“Stepping out will ensure that peace in the building prevails. Once I move elsewhere, the rioters will stop rallying anywhere near the property,” said Wheeler.

A home should be a safe place for families. The anarchy in Oregon doesn’t seem to stop, as violent demonstrations have become the new normal. People don’t bother about anyone.

It is saddening that other families needed to be involved in the commotions when Ted was the primary target. A total of 114 units comprise the building, which is proportionate to the number of tenants and families.

Vandalism is rampant. The rioters attempted to tear down the property. Ted was pained that his neighbors and their families had to experience it too.

Demonstrators crammed Wheeler’s building twice, since June. This time, the rioters put in their best efforts to demolish the building. The condominiums were damaged, and so was the sidewalk.

Nineteen among the rioters were taken into custody and charged against inappropriate and disorderly conduct and being an active part in sabotaging peace.

Unfortunately, it is not just Ted and his family confronting the odds. Elected officials like the Mayors of Chicago, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, and Seattle decided to shift elsewhere. Demonstrations were more than frequent at their doorsteps too. Public order is up for a toss, and the mayors are not spared from bearing the brunt of it.