Parents Defy the ‘No National Anthem’ Rule at Softball Game…

Parents Defy the 'No National Anthem' Rule at Softball Game...
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The American spirit isn’t dead. They want it to be, but it won’t die easy.

US Government is afraid of people coming together like this

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The terrible Biden socialism group want to take everything Americans love away so China rules….sad…we need to keep standing up,for,our great country …

Gerald S Ladd

Real patriots, unlike blow hole Joe, and his two sluts.


Makes me proud to be an American! Everyone on the field stopped and honored the anthem and our country, hopefully our flag, although there may not have been one there. Screw the commie bastards that think they can change us.

Dawg Hersey

take that basement joe


Put that into your pipe and smoke commie Joe I hope
everyone everywhere does the same thing then maybe
commie JOE and his sluts will get the message that the
American people will not put up with them and their commie