Pallets of Fake Georgia Ballots Identified

Pallets of Fake Georgia Ballots Identified
Image From Twitter Post Below.

Founder of Patrick Byrne is now attempting to prove the massive election fraud across the country along with the rest of the Trump team. On Friday, Byrne released some shocking news through Twitter in a series of tweets.

His thread began by telling people that an operative entered the Fulton County Warehouse in Atlanta and took photos of several alleged fake ballots’ boxes.

He then posted the photos that the said operative took.

The photos show tens of thousands of allegedly fraudulent ballots. But that’s not all. According to Byrne, rented moving vans were filmed pulling up to the warehouse.

Although Byrne said that he would be uploading the moving vans’ video, he then said that the video file was too big to upload. However, Byrne claims that the vans pulled up at 10 p.m. “after the Senate subcommittee voted to investigate” the ballots.

After the moving vans were loaded up, a shredding company got involved, claimed Byrne.