PA Judge Orders Thousands of Ballots Be Tossed Out


The mainstream media has declared Joe Biden the president-elect and winner of the 2020 election; this comes as no surprise to many. Despite the lack of the media’s support, the Trump campaign remains steadfast and adamant that they were robbed of the election.

All they have done since Biden was declared the winner is finding evidence to back their claims of election fraud, as Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell confirmed in a press conference.

It has recently been announced that a judge reversed an early ruling that caused ballots without declaration dates to be invalid. Although it did not provide enough votes to change the outcome, it was still a Trump win.

It’s just one small piece of the many pieces that Trump and his campaign need to overcome the highest hurdle in their path, but even the smallest piece will help.

With so many people claiming election fraud and allegations of improprieties coming from almost all directions, it seems that there’s still hope for President Trump and his supporters.

Only time will tell if they will succeed in overturning the 2020 election — and what a feat it would be — but for now, each small victory gets them closer to the bigger picture.