Over 75 Million People are Tired of the Double Standard!

Over 75 Million People are Tired of the Double Standard!

Newsmax TV – MAD MAXINE: Chris Salcedo bashes the Left’s definition of ‘inciting violence’

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So let’s put our heads together and do something about it. I’m more tired of it than anyone, but I’m sick of talking about it. It’s time to act.

Our military needs to step in and defend the 75million people from this tyranny and give us our country back.

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It’s long overdue that Americans take back control of this corrupt and treasonous government! Those of US that love our country need to take a hard stand against the corruption and treason in this government. Where is our military that has sworn to defend our country or, are they already dead? I will jump up and down and cheer when people like Obama, Biden, Clinton, Pelosi, Schumer and the other crooked and corrupt politicians are hanging by their necks in a town square somewhere!


Before conservative Republicans can stand proud they have to sweep the party clean. The swamp dwellers and Never Trumpers must go! If hangers on like Romney and Sass can’t say anything good about the Republican party then leave it. That goes for anyone else who is not content. Democrats don’t stand for any loyalist, now neither will we. The road is just to difficult these dangerous times to drag along ‘discontents’. It’s amazing, and a little concerting that the loudest voices in defense of the Republican party are three women. Marsha Blackburn, Marjorie Greene and (I’m embarrassed I can’t remember her name but she carries a gun in congress.)We have to take a serious look at term limits also.