Over 700 Militants Rampage Through Oakland Chant ‘Death To America’

Over 700 Militants Rampage Through Oakland Chant 'Death To America'
Image Screenshot From Oakland Police Dept. Twitter Post Below.

The BLM protesters are not giving up on their fight anytime soon. At least, the recent video that went viral proves it.

What was once Iran’s favorite phrase, “Death To America,” has now started resurfacing on the streets of America. Only this time, it is the African-Americans chanting, “Death To America,” in chorus.

A large group of BLM protesters marched through the streets of Oakland in California. The protest is not just about racial justice. This time, their agenda involves a little extra. Now, the BLM protesters want the complete demolition of The United States Of America.

You heard it right. The video has gone viral. Don’t miss out, and go take a look. The ‘Blacks’ are trotting down the streets of Oakland, clamoring “Death To America.” Jog your brain a little and you might remember who and where the slogan became well-known. It was first chanted by the totalitarians in Iran.

The video was posted on Twitter by journalist Andy Ngo and went viral in a bat of an eye.

Describing these protesters as “Black Bloc Militants” wouldn’t be incorrect. 700 Black Americans rampaging on the streets of California and shouting “Death To America” is no joke.

The concept of peaceful protests is long gone. Protests are more like riots these days. The 700 black militants did not just march on the streets. These protesters did pretty much everything to set Oakland in flames. From fire weapons to the demolition of businesses and public properties, the rampage was devastating.

Dozens of cars were shattered. Places of business interest were destroyed. In short, the Black Bloc Militants left no stone unturned to vandalize the city of Oakland. When the officers tried to reign in the riot, they were hurled with various objects.

Fortunately, none of the police officials succumbed to severe injuries. Multiple arrests were made. According to the official reports, 24 of the rioters were taken into custody. What was surprising to find, is that most of the so-called “militants” were not residents of Oakland.

It appeared more like a staged and well-coordinated rampage. There are videos and pictures that prove that few of the protesters in Kenosha slammed the authorities and chanted “Death To America” and “Kill The Police” in a similar fashion. The biggest coincidence though, was that the protest march started more or less at the same time last week. The only difference was that it was in Kenosha, Wisconsin a week earlier.

There’s more to be noticed. The protesters who were pinned down and arrested by the police in Kenosha did not belong to the city either. It does make it sound pretty obvious that the rioters are being framed for a purpose far worse.

“Death to America,” was the slogan that first appeared decades ago during the Iranian Revolution in 1979. The phrase started a buzz this year after George Floyd was killed. Lawmakers sitting back in Iran offered their support to the BLM protesters, and brought the same slogan again into the limelight.

Foreign Policy Analyst of The US, Jason Brodsky, dropped the video on Twitter. It clearly shows that lawmakers, including MP Ahmad Naderi, use the slogan “Death to America” to show their support to the protesters in America.

The rally in Oakland by the Black Bloc Militants and anti-Americans screaming slogans to knock down America, is nothing but an orchestrated riot. Bulldozing the business centers, wrecking cars, lighting fires, attacking the police, and marching down the streets is similar in fashion to the riots and ambush in Kenosha.

Civil unrest has been on a roll throughout the summer in America. Violence and vandalism have become an everyday occurrence. There are endless nights of protests and riots. The country is now unsafe to live in. The authorities must act and put a stop against such barbaric attempts to take down America.