OUTGRAGE: If This Isn’t Fascism Then What Is?

OUTGRAGE: If This Isn't Fascism Then What Is?
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BlazeTV – Simon Campbell’s kids may be grown, but as a former member of his district’s school board, he understands more than most the power these local politicians have on the ENTIRE community. Campbell recently went viral for confronting the Pennsbury School District in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and for exposing its attempts to censor community members with concerns. But that kind of government oppression won’t fly for this former Brit. Now a proud American, he’ll do what he can to defend our nation’s sacred freedoms and to expose the far-left’s attempts to squash them: ‘If [this is] not fascism, then tell me what IS fascism,’ he says. WATCH more Glenn Beck

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This man who isn’t from here understand this nation better then so many. He is a true American.

That was pure Gold and that gentleman is more American than any of those communists on the board.

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