OSU Football Coach Mike Gundy Gets Canceled, and the Reason Will Blow Your Mind

The most recent victim of cancel culture is Mike Gundy, the head football coach at Oklahoma State University. The coach is famous for his straightforward attitude and classic mullet, and the coach is stuck in the crosshairs of cancel-culture so bad that even CBS Sports is blasting news to ruin this man’s career to the point that very athletes he manages would turn against him. 

What did Mike Gundy do to deserve such treatment? Was Mike Gundy racist? Did Mike Gundy engage in illegal sports betting? Did Mike Gundy sexually harass a person? 

The answer is none of the above. 

Destroy him for liking a specific media outlet, condemn him for having a political view. Cancel-culture has devolved into a patchwork of schemes that set Republican advocates up to scrutiny. This is not a joke, and the Ohio State University was swift in dealing with Mike Gundy. 

  • Berry Tramel stated, “I’m not sure [Gundy] will be the coach by the weekend.” on The Sports Animal.
  • If Gundy isn’t punished, their star running back stated that he would boycott the team. 

At this age, it’s hard to grasp how people with sound minds object such a news network so much that a person wearing their shirt in public may most likely lose the means of making a living. 

Why would the athletic director not support his coach? Here’s one, people like these cower from the mobs. Why do we deserve such harsh treatment? Have we been too understanding, or have we grown weak? 

I don’t think we’ve grown weak; enduring all of these is a sign of strength, yet the Leftists keep on pummeling through? Will it ever stop?

Gundy should be telling Hubbard to transfer and pound sand, but instead, his job is now on the line. All for wearing a t-shirt with nothing offensive whatsoever on it.

As someone who loves the sport of football, watching it be taken over by politics is just heartbreaking. This was a game that people of all colors and backgrounds could rally around. It was “our” team no matter what politics the guy sitting next to you might have. That’s over because the media have demanded it be over. All must bow to the woke mob and pay penance. Leftism has to ruin everything.

Gundy should stand up and fight this. Until someone does, it’s never going to end.