Oregon Needed Help, Now They Are Suing

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Shortly after a police officer seriously wounded an innocent protestor, the Justice Department of Oregon sued several federal agencies for injuring protestors and abusing their civil rights. The Department also made its intentions clear to take criminal action against the police officer who caused grievous injuries to the protestor.

In the lawsuit that was filed on Friday, the Justice Department of Oregon sued several federal agencies, including the US Marshals Service, the US Department of Homeland Security, the US Customs and Border Protection, and the Federal Protective Service. According to the Justice Department, these agencies failed in their duty and misused their position and authority to cause distress to the protestors by using force against them during the first week of July.

While speaking to the media, the spokeswoman of the US Justice Department, Kristina Edmunson, stated that the lawsuit accused these agencies of violating the civil rights of the citizens of Oregon. These agencies seized and detained protestors with no valid reason and exercised force on them.

The next step included the judge releasing a temporary restraining order as the State Attorneys requested for them. Upon the release of the restraining order, all federal authorities had to stop detaining the Oregon citizens immediately and stop acting unlawfully upon them.

In addition, the Justice Department of Oregon confirmed that they were also going to open a criminal investigation case against the police officer who shot the protestor, Donavan LaBella, who was protesting peacefully outside the federal courthouse in Portland on the first week of July.

According to witnesses, Donavan LaBella was shot in the head. There were videos of LaBella collapsing on the ground following the sounds of impact munitions in the background. When he fell unconscious and began bleeding heavily, his fellow protestors moved LaBella out of the way. The federal officers were seen looking on, without offering to help in any way.

LaBella is currently in a critical state. He has suffered facial and skull fractures. The Justice Department of Oregon decided to open a criminal investigation against the police officers because according to the laws, munitions could only be fired below the waist. Apart from this, the American Civil Liberties Union of Oregon filed another lawsuit against the federal agencies that entered Portland to use force against the protestors, onlookers, journalists, and other stakeholders.

Currently, LaBella’s mother, Desiree LaBella, confirmed that her son’s surgery was over and that he was able to move his legs and arms properly. Due to the facial fractures he suffered during the attack, he underwent facial reconstruction surgeries and is currently under observation by the medical team.

Desiree is also planning to file a lawsuit against the police officers who attacked her son. LaBella’s friends confirmed that he was protesting peacefully on Lownsdale Square Park when the police started shooting impact munitions into the crowd without warning. No one provoked the police officers to carry out the attack, according to LaBella’s friends.

They were quick to add that LaBella didn’t offer any resistance even when he was attacked and that he was one of the nicest and most peaceful protestors in the group. The pressure on the federal agencies has been piling up as lawsuits filed by the Justice Department of Oregon are followed by the testimonies of LaBella’s friends.

Following this, the US Marshals Department confirmed that there was an incident of an injured man in downtown Portland. The Department refused to give any more details as it stated that it is currently investigating the shooting incident. Nikki Credic-Barrett, spokesperson of the US Marshals Federal Agency, stated that the Department takes unprovoked shooting incidents and uses of force quite seriously.

The general public and reputed public figures have called for strict judgment against the Federal Government after President Trump confirmed in a military briefing that he had sent the federal agencies to handle the protestors in Portland after the local police failed to do their job properly. In the midst of the rising political instability, LaBella’s mother has been very gracious, stating that she isn’t interested in blaming the President and that she doesn’t want to make her son’s shooting incident a politically-driven one.