Oregon Governor Caught Violating Her Own Mask Order

Oregon Governor Caught Violating Her Own Mask Order
Image credit to Air National Guard. Image modified from original.

According to a viral Facebook post, Oregon’s mask mandate appears to have been violated by its own governor, Kate Brown, and her security detail.

On a side note, a member of the same security detail, an Oregon police officer, remains unrewarded for rescuing a drowning teenage girl. A witness of the heroic act demanded an award for the trooper, but Brown has yet to acknowledge it.

Rebekah, the rescue witness, described the scene in an interview with PJ Media. She did not disclose her full name due to fear of vengeance from Brown.

According to her, she planned to swim on the riverside with her kids on a hot summer day, when she met Brown and her security detail on the way to the Marion county park. Rebekah added that none of the entourage was wearing a mask despite the requirement to use masks outdoors, and not just inside public buildings.

Rebecca narrated that they heard a girl screaming for help when they arrived on the riverside. She tried to grab a stick to save the girl from drowning, but failed since the girl was thrice her size. She then gathered her kids and brought them up the trail so that they would not witness the incident. After securing her kids, she ran to look for help and met a group of six people. Right after telling them about the drowning girl, two of the men ran towards the water. She was assured by the lady standing next to her that the men were actually state troopers.

Rebekah shared that she didn’t recognize Kate Brown at first. She said that she ran to the trooper to thank him as soon as he got the teenager to safety. She went on to tell the trooper that they back the blue and that they support the police amidst all the scrutiny and defunding issues.

She found it odd when the trooper bowed down after she told him that they back the blue. She later realized that it was the governor when she looked up and locked eyes with the lady standing beside her.

At that very point, Rebekah said that she felt the urge to say something to the governor.

She let out her dismay during the interview and said that they have been joining several rallies to let the kids play sports and go to school. There is no law and order with all the riots in the streets of Portland and Eugene. Kate gets protected by the police, even as she tries to defund them. How hypocritical is it for the governor to be saying one thing yet doing another?

Rebekah further expressed her frustration that she was with her two daughters at the Capitol. Her daughter made a sign directed to Brown which said the governor could take her school and sports away, but not her freedom.

The Trump hat Rebekah wore made Brown and her escort look down and avoid eye contact. However, she still tried to reach the governor’s office and the Oregon State Police Department to honor the police officer who saved the girl from drowning through an award commendation.

Rebekah considers herself a supporter of the military and police forces, and an American patriot. She only wishes for the positive story regarding the police officer to be recognized as it truly deserves.

She wants the officers to be honored for the good deeds they did and continue to do. She said that after Kate Brown watched the state trooper save the teenager right in front of her, the first thing she should have done was award the police officer on the Sunday news to honor him for doing an excellent job. The trooper saved a life and provides security to ensure the community is safe. Defunding the whole police force is a ridiculous idea.

The governor’s office has not yet given a statement regarding the incident. PJ Media also received no response after reaching out to Brown’s office.