Oregon Counties Will Vote on Seceding!

Oregon Counties WILL Vote On Seceding Over Anger At Failed Democrat Policy And Far Left Antifa Riots

Tim Pool – Oregon Counties WILL Vote On Seceding Over Anger At Failed Democrat Policy And Far Left Antifa Riots. Conservatives in several key counties are hoping to create a state called Greater Idaho which would function the same as Idaho but withy expanded territory. Republican voters feel they are not being represented in Oregon as Democrats in Portland continue to favor only one side of the spectrum. While Far Left Antifa riots sweep their major cities the Democrats continue to provide relief mostly to cities igniting outrage among conservatives The proposed policy would also move northern California into greater Idaho as well. Meanwhile in many other counties similar moves are being made. Republicans and outraged Californians also move to recall governor Gavin newsom

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I’ve been reading comments by Democrats and liberals lately. They hate us so much. I don’t see how we can live in the same country as these people. Maybe secession is the answer.

So, conservatives’ top concerns are actual issues, while top liberal concerns are Trump supporters? Thanks media.

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Donald Nicholas

Good luck with that. Now we have a national government is making that same bat sh*t crazy democrat socialist policies a national standard. Don’t worry, the National media will surely do their typical unbiased work.

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Lorraine E Blazich

Oregon’s plan for a large portion of the state to succeed and join Idaho is a great idea. When a portion a state’s behavior is very destructive and detrimental to the survival of the balance of the state, it is a very good idea for the law abiding portion of the state to succeed in order to survive and not be destroyed by the violent and corrupt portion of the state.
As the federal government continues in its march to a socialist/communist form of government the red conservative states may also one day decide to join together and all succeed from the union and create a union of conservative states of America.

Roy M Faria

It will never happen.

old man

Live in Southern Oregon and it is getting as bad as portland in Roseburg. This will never happen as the govenor will not allow it.


I am a former combat Vietnam Veteran who came home and thought I did the right thing by serving this country to stop the Communist take over, and when I got home I was greeted by these same M’Fers who spit at me and called me baby killer ME? how about them supporting late term abortion? These S.O.B*itching hypocritical evil Basta*ds can go to hell and need to get out of OUR COUNTRY…. Sorry Folks do you want to know what I really think? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vincent Gallagher

Yeah. That will work. The very large majority of tax revenues are paid by the so-called Democratic areas. This includes funding for schools. All the vapid blather about commies and socialist and antifa is white noise. The majority of the citizenry in Multnomah, Washington and Clackamas counties are white, members of the bourgeoisie and inherently ‘conservative’. There is an underclass, working mainly in the service industries, with worthless university degrees flustered and frustrated over their station in life. They doth protest too much, but those engaging in acts of violence are a very, very small minority. As for the various local governments, though they appear ‘liberal’ in terms of ‘social issues’ they are essentially pro-business and fiscally conservative. You do have toadies like Mayor Ted Wheeler, who is a member of the elite and fake aristocracy and is completely worthless – he fails to realize being mayor is about filling potholes and actual infrastructure, not posing as some ‘beacon of light’. He’s a horse’s ass or just an ass. Democrats used to be the party of labor and the working class. Now, it is a buncha assholes gone to Yale, who wave magic wands chanting incantations which are meaningless gibberish, as they rip us all off. We need a new political party and not a gang of reactionary fools, which addresses both sides. I have worked hard, all my life, and not one of these jerks, anywhere, in any political office represents me.