One Man Shot Dead

A man was shot dead on Wednesday afternoon during a riot in Minneapolis, structures got brought down, and retail stores robbed of their goods.

The riot’s origin was a response of the people in protest of the death of George Floyd.

On Monday, the black man died after the authorities fixed him on the ground and rested an officer’s knee on his nape. A viral clip from the internet circulated, which featured the man’s arrest for speculated forgery, during the arrest, while the man pleads that he could not breathe. 

What started as a protest highlight police brutality regressed into anarchy in the 3rd Precinct in Minneapolis. Protestors resorted to violence.

Target was one of the most injured stores which were utterly looted, From ransacked stores to fires, with footage displaying rioters looting goods from stores. 

Target, near the 3rd Precinct of Minneapolis, was the epicenter of the protest last Wednesday.

Looters also broke into every cash register and self-checkout at the store to steal the money inside. Similar treatment was given to ATMs in several stores, the Daily Caller reporter observed.

  • The citing of the fires was a scene of a tarnished AutoZone Store.
  • A 6-story building under construction crumpled around 2 a.m. 

The 6-story building with bales for insulation was ignited by the violent rioters; during that excruciating night, the fire engulfed the building resulting in its collapse.

A man was shot dead during the protest, according to Fox News; however, the evidence is still murky whether the man who was shot dead and the shooting reported by the Daily Caller Reporter are connected.

Minnesotans have also started to enumerate the harm to their community, publishing records of all the businesses that were seen destroyed axed throughout the riot.

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