On Fire: Marco Rubio Brings the House Down…

On Fire: Marco Rubio Brings the House Down...
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Dinesh D’Souza – This is the kind of anti-communism that every American should subscribe to.

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He’s talking about Cuba but his message is to Americans: reject Socialism

Here’s a deal. Let’s trade person for person every American who hates their country and spits on our flag for every Cuban who wants to be American while waving our flag in defiance of real tyranny and oppression.

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I’ve never thought much of Marco Rubio, until now. His comments and more, his mannerism and body language, told me that he was speaking the truth, as he saw it! All too many politicians don’t even know how to spell “truth”, it’s not in their vocabulary. With the exception of a very few Republicans (including Donald Trump), I have very little confidence in them! I can’t respect or support the very same politicians that cowered from a fight and betrayed my President (Donald J. Trump). It was very refreshing to hear what Rubio had to say!

R. Stewart

Rubio is so “RIGHT ON” – If people honestly don’t like this nation LEAVE!


Marxism,Socialism, or Freedom. U don’t like it here,move to cuba,china,iran,russia, or shut the hell up. We have more freedom here than anywhere else on earth. If u hate this country leave. Millions want to come here,as u see with open borders.