Obama Holds Event in Miami, Almost Nobody Shows Up


2020 Democratic Presidential candidate…Joe Biden has lost his momentum and decided to call a friend. The friend he brought in to help him out was former President Barack Obama. How well did that go? Well, you’ll see.

On Wednesday, Barack Obama was in Philadelphia and tried to help out the Biden campaign. However, it didn’t work — almost no one showed up to see him or Biden.

Current President, Donald Trump, observed and took note of that fact:


“There’s nobody there. The governor was just telling me that we have tens of thousands of people.” Trump said. “We’re going to take this right up until the end. I think we’re doing very well,” he concluded.

But it seems the Democrats are running out of options, so they sent Obama out again to Florida this time. The event was pathetic. Almost no one was there as well, and although it was broadcasted on the internet, only 70 people were watching 20 minutes into the event.

They might be running out of options, but maybe sending out Obama wasn’t such a great idea after all.