NYC School Gives White Parents RACIST “8 White Identities” Chart!

NYC School Gives White Parents RACIST

Anthony Brian Logan – East Side Community School in New York City gave white parents a chart called “8 White Identities.” The chart was a half circle with eight variations of “whiteness” that went from the extreme end of “white supremacist” to “white abolitionist.” The purpose of the chart was to show parents where they may rank.

Top Comments:

Lefties: Reverse racism is okay. Everyone: Racism is still racism

Parents need to remove their kids from this “school” IMMEDIATELY.

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Ron Smith

More signs the education system in this country is destroying our country. The NEA is a terrorist group.


Take these idiots to the woodshed . .. .

Philip M Young

Theory about race, ancient Egyptian chants etc. are all interesting. Learning how to read, write add and subtract are necessary.
Could we discuss this stuff after we get the kids proficient in the basics? Really this is bs. THE KIDS CAN’T READ!


Racist MFcker!