Nurse Corrects The CNN False Narrative On Trump Response

Nurse Corrects CNN's False Narrative On Trump's Response
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Kudos to President Trump for taking effective measures in controlling the heinous virus outbreak in the US. Several nurses spoke about the President’s decision and his response to the pandemic.

CNN invited some of the nation’s forefront warriors. They talked to the nurses working day-in-day-out to cure the affected patients by the baneful virus. The interview was scheduled for the weekend when the holiday season is in full swing.

Unlike most of the talk shows hosted, the interview was in segments. Michele Morrow appeared as one of the first guests. She is a seasoned nurse in North Carolina who has been serving patients for over 25 years. Now that’s an impressively long time. Morrow began by stating that she chose Donald Trump during the 2016 elections and is dead set on the idea of casting her vote for the President yet again in November.

Electing a President who works and comprehends about ways to ensure wellness for the US’s citizens sounds just right. ‘I am proud that I had called the right shots and cast my vote for Donald J. Trump, back in 2016,’ commented Michele.

She said, ‘I am in the profession for as many as 27 good years. Watching the world going up for a toss with the outbreak is heart-breaking. Witnessing the pain and miseries of those affected is far worse. What came as a breather was our President’s response to the pandemic.’ He has continuously pushed to provide the best health care, relieve the patients from their atrocious health conditions, provide the best treatment, and send them home in their best shape.

Morrow did remark that ‘Quite frankly, this only goes to show that President Trump has bagged in his biggest achievement during all these years of his Presidential rule.’

The President tried to nip in the bud by shutting off the airports and requesting all citizens to call off their travel plans. This decision was put to practice in a snap, right at the beginning of February. Think and think hard. Were there any other people thinking about the COVID situation’s adversities, let alone speak about their concerns? Definitely a big “NO.” None of the elected officials bothered to look into the severity of the situation. They were busy preaching and blindfolding the people.

“Joe Biden, wasn’t he the Vice President for eight long years? What plans did he chalk out to combat the effects of the pandemic?” said Michele Morrow.

It was not just Morrow who sat on the hot seat. In an interview with CNN host Alisyn Camerota, several medical professionals were participating in the panel.

Jill Rahrig, a medical information administrator by profession, did not shy away from his remarks that “Trump has taken some immeasurably effective steps to slacken the impacts of the virus gradually.” Jill has been practicing medical administration for a quarter of a century. The statement issued by Rahrig matters the most.

Trump has been working non-stop. He paired up with the finest in the private sector to formulate a vaccine and get hands-on them at the earliest to put a stop to this awful pandemic. From constructing advanced new ventilators to protective equipment for professionals, running at the forefront, the President has made excellent and progressive choices. It is nothing but commendable – commented Jill.

According to the panel members, the Democrats had left no stones unturned to knock out the President and condemn Mr. Trump for everything he did. However, the Democrats blew the entire pandemic situation out of proportion and called for a complete lockdown soon after Trump started responding and acting to rule out the virus outbreak.

Nancy Pelosi’s name popped up once again. As a House Speaker, she dismissed the idea of clinching a reasonable deal with the Republicans to pass a bill that could help the unemployed Americans survive. The relief package has been put on hold.

Meanwhile, Pelosi, the famous Democrat, is keen on passing a bill that encourages the Post’s betterment. The taxpayers must pay billions of dollars. For her, the Post office seems more crucial than paying out relief checks for the struggling and broke Americans. What good are the Democrats anyway? The panel was quite blatant and made a straight-hit to the ongoing chaos, most likely fueled by the Democrats.

The interview rocked the grounds of networks that were busy airing false news and rumors about the President of the United States.