Now The NHL Postpones Their Playoffs For BLM

Now The NHL Postpones Their Playoffs For BLM
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The planned and influenced takeover of all professional sports leagues in North America is just now complete, with the National Hockey League postponing the playoffs in a show of unified solidarity against the Police.

The NHL has just given the final touch to the ongoing movement by joining the extremely politicized NBA, the directionless MLB, MLS soccer and soon to be badly hit by TV ratings NFL. It seems like the entire sports world in North America is working deliberately to damage the overall image of sports.

NHL has just declared their disgusting surrender to those who want to tear apart the great nation of America by waging a war. The league has just announced their decision to support the latest black criminal who was shot by the Police after trying to resist the arrest with force.

According to news media Reuters, “The NHL has recently postponed all their scheduled games for two consecutive nights of Thursday and Friday.”

This particular decision was made by the NHL because the Hockey Diversity Alliance — who had requested the NHL to suspend the games for Thursday night — wanted to show their support for the people who have declared the war against the law enforcement departments in America.

The Philadelphia Flyers and New York Islanders were instructed to drop Game 3 of their best-of-seven Eastern Conference second-round series in Toronto on Thursday at 7 PM ET. On the same day, another game was cancelled between Vegas Golden Knights and Vancouver Canucks. This particular game was scheduled in Edmonton at 9:45 PM ET.

Another two games that were cancelled for Friday were Tampa Bay Lighting versus the Boston Bruins and the Colorado Avalanche playing against the Dallas Stars.

These four games will be rescheduled, and the time will be determined after Saturday.

According to Thursday’s joint statement published by the NHL and the NHL Players Association, after carefully considering everything, the NHL players came to a final decision to step back and not play the games scheduled on Thursday and Friday. Supporting the decision made by the players, the NHL has decided to reschedule the games this Saturday, and make all the necessary changes for the second round of games accordingly.

Black and Brown communities have gone through painful experiences. Considering this real-life fact, the NHL and the NHLPA have realized that they have much work to do, in order to play a significant role in the discussion on diversity, inclusion, and social justice.

Both the NHL and NHLPA understand and feel deeply sad for the tragedies involving George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and for the many other incidents involving racial injustice. The main objective of the NHL authority is to use the sport to influence society in a positive manner.

The NHLPA and NHL are fully committed to working together to develop and foster more inclusive and welcoming environments within their areas, offices, and beyond.

The truth is that the message of the NHL for their fans is very loud and clear: Screw You!

When the games resume, it is expected that the NHL will be overly saturated with the BLM propaganda, which will lead to a point when the games become unwatchable.

It is understandable that the future of the sports leagues’ game schedules will be subject to cancellation and postponements. The entire future of the sports will depend on the BLM rioters.

So, the big question is: What will happen to the sports world in America if Trump comes back again? In the end, the NHL needs to think about the fans, because no sports leagues will exist without fans.