Notre Dame Grads Celebrate After Biden is a ‘No Show’…

Notre Dame Grads Celebrate After Biden is a 'No Show'...
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The Next News Network – Sammuel Chamberlain from New York Post reports, The University of Notre Dame held its commencement ceremony this weekend with the notable absence of one very important guest: Joe Biden. The Catholic News Agency reported earlier this month that Biden, the second Catholic president in American history, was invited to give remarks to new graduates but could not attend due to scheduling conflicts.

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Nobody wins the POTUS election by hiding in the basement.

Potato brain is not a practicing Catholic. Several Catholic bishops have asked for his excommunication from the faith for his policies that are in direct conflict with the beliefs of the Catholic Faith. He is as much a Catholic as I am a Martian. He is booed when he does stick his head out of the basement and is cheered for not showing up, that tells you everything you need to know.

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Probably couldn’t find his way out of the White House. Seems like a another excuse to keep him from embarrassing the nation once again.He needs to go!!!

Stacy Dougherty

I agree whole heartedly! Where shall we put him? Do we really want a Ho Harris representing US? What we really need to do is take the pen out of his hand AND instead of a mask we need to put masking tape over his mouth!


Stacy, First off you have some nerve calling V.P. Harris a “Ho” which, as you undoubtedly know, is slang for “whore”. Why on earth would you ever insinuate such a thing? You follow the path of our last President who consistently had trouble telling the truth, but did have the difficult to understand power to convince his followers and supporters the believe, unquestioningly, his astounding lies which anyone one with a quarter of a brain could see were lies told to benefit himself. One thing is clear to me and that is that Trump lovers will find fault with anything and everything thing that President Biden and Vice President Harris may say or do and never, for a moment, consider what fools they’ve become simply by believing every word out of Trumps egomaniacal mouth. You will be left shaking your head when Trump is convicted of the crimes he committed both before and after he became our President and wondering how you could ever have so stupid to believe a blowhard conman as Donald Trump……I feel sorry for you!

Joz Lee

I feel sorry for you. Kamala ‘ho’ and her married pimp politician admitted that they hoe’d around to help Kamala go for politics. so why are you bringing Trump into this? wow!

Grumpy Veteran

I feel sorry for a vomit bag like you!

Robert Richey

You may be the only person in the United States that doesn’t know how Kamala got to where she is. Of all the females of color (haha) surely they could have found someone who hadn’t blown her way to the top.


Biden is the Only POTUS ever to run an Admin based on Marxist, BLM/Antifa Fear and Principles. And Joe’s idea that he is a Catholic, yet, is a huge supporter of Abortion is a sure tell as to the True Character of this Clown. He says he can have a Political viewpoint that is separate from his Religious viewpoint. But, isn’t the Religious upbringing what plays a major part in the formation of a person’s Character? And especially when you’re raised Catholic and go around Bragging about what a Devout Catholic you are, which is exactly what Joe does. Fact: You can not be a Catholic and Believe in Abortion, you can’t. And Joe knows it, he has known it since she 9-10. He has also known that there is Nothing in this life that allows a Catholic to support Abortion. Not being a Senator, not being a POTUS and not being alive. Nothing Ever Allows a Catholic to support MURDER. And Joe knows that the Catholic Doctrine views Abortion as MURDER. Life Begins at Conception. And now more than ever we have the technology to prove this. And Joe knows that too. So, Joe is a Hypocrite. He always has been. And he is not a Strong person. He is so Intimidated by BLM/Antifa and Multi Billionaires that hate the USA that he Betrays the Doctrine of the USA the same way he Betrays the Doctrine of Catholicism.
So, we should Pray for Joe. And we should Pray the USA still exists when Power in DC swings RIGHT in 2022 and 2024.


Even if old joe did show up , it would be a no show anyways . He couldn’t give a speech that could be understood if he did show up . So what did they expect , a smart old joe ??? Really … since when did that happen ??? Shows how stupid they are for even wanting old joe to show up . No one thinks anymore . Guess it affends everyone now to have to think . You cant make this stupid shit up , their all getting this stupid


Hearing that Pedo Joe was not going to be their guest speaker was almost as good as hearing their entire Student debt was paid off.