Nobody Asked for the United States of Socialism… But We Got It!

Socialism is the New Coke of one asked for, nor wanted it....but they did it anyway....and they regretted it.

Dinesh D’Souza – This is a special episode devoted to a single topic: socialism. Drawing on his recent book and documentary film “Trump Card,” Dinesh asks the sobering question: are we becoming the United States of Socialism? Dinesh contends that socialism is the most discredited idea since slavery, so how to explain its amazing twenty-first century comeback? Dinesh outlines the socialist agenda, which goes beyond economic confiscation, and contrasts the socialist dream with the American dream. Dinesh traces how socialism came to America riding on the Democratic donkey. The Left says it wants the Scandinavian model for America, but Dinesh (joined by his wife Debbie) shows that the Left’s real model is Venezuela. Finally, Dinesh reveals the roots of the Left’s cultural repression, showing how all forms of socialism—even democratic socialism—inevitably end in tyranny.

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Socialism is the New Coke of politics….no one asked for, nor wanted it….but they did it anyway….and they regretted it.

Socialism removes goods and services from the free open market (you and me) and consolodates them into government protected mega monopolies owned by the ruling elite and accountable to NO ONE!

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Richard N Liberatore

United States Socialist Republic ….. or… U.S.S.R.