No, 270 ‘Doctors’ Did NOT Criticize Joe Rogan…

No, 270 'Doctors' Did NOT Criticize Joe Rogan...
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The Jimmy Dore Show – It was big news this past week when 270 “doctors” signed a letter demanding that Spotify censor alleged “misinformation” appearing on its platform, specifically on the Joe Rogan podcast.

Top Comments:

It’s not just “people trust Joe Rogan”, it’s also the fact that he has long form intelligent conversations about a wide range of topics INCLUDING problems with the COVID narrative. He’s speaking freely and he’s inviting people on who very few other people will let speak. People are living vicariously through him and his bravery.

Throughout the biggest betrayal in history upon humanity the only real journalists were the comedians….massive thanks and respect to you two Jimmy and Joe~ The mighty double J beacons of light


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