NFL players can be fined for church attendance

NFL players can be docked from the team, fined, and lose contracts for visiting church services that are crowded. This is a part of the new restrictions implemented by the NFL because of COVID-19. Many leagues are already facing certain issues because of the pandemic. The NFL has implemented some rules and regulations to safeguard themselves against the virus.

New rules for the season in 2020

The NFL is preparing for the start of the season in the year 2020. The organization has put some restrictions on its players because of the on-going pandemic. The step was taken to ensure the smooth conduct of the 2020 season.

As per certain comments, the deal prohibits the players from going to indoor night clubs, house parties, indoor bars, concerts, professional sporting events, or indoor churches that allow people to enter above 25% of capacity. Players can pick up their food from bars and restaurants.

They can be fined for violating these rules. If any of the players tests positive for COVID-19, then they will not be paid for the missed games. Players can also lose their contracts. The number of players in the NFL teams is higher than other leagues. The association and teams cannot create a restrictive bubble as the NBA did.

It might get difficult for teams to enforce these rules. Security officials can be used to monitor or track the behavior of the players. Some teams might rely on internal communication to check if violations are witnessed.

The ultimate goal is to avoid any major disturbance in the tournament. Teams have to keep a check on their players. Coaches and team leaders will play an important role in directing the behavior of the players. Communication will be the key to ensure the compliance of rules from all players.

What is happening in other leagues

The NBA has decided to create a restrictive bubble for the players, coaches, staff, and media members. The NBA season began last Thursday at Disney World. All the people tested negative of COVID-19 in this bubble. It is a 40-square-mile campus in Florida.

The games will be played in the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. Three hotels have been allotted to the teams at various locations in Disney World. Although a few players have still broken the rules despite all the arrangements made by the NBA.

Lou Williams, a player of Los Angeles Clippers, will be missing a few games for violating the rules. He was seen in a strip club. The player will have to isolate himself for the next ten days. Several positive cases of COVID-19 were seen when the college football workouts were started in June.

The controversy around the decision

Some people have called this decision as political. The NFL’s social media handle is promoting participation in the protests. The account is sharing pictures of football players attending the Black Lives Matter Protests.

While the association has restricted entry in the churches with a capacity of more than 25%, it is not discouraging participation in crowded protests. A certain set of people believe that the association should not restrict a player from following his religion or religious practices.

The collective bargaining agreement (CBA) has questioned the association if attending church is on the same level as partying. Some have also alleged the league for playing with the feelings of fans. The association might have implemented this decision to avoid any major disturbance, but it has not been liked by many.

To sum it up

The National Football League has released a set of rules for conducting the new season amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The rule disallows the players to enter any indoor bar, night club, or church with an attendance above 25% capacity. If any player violates the rules, then he can be fined and lose his contract. The decision has been taken to avoid any major outbreak during the tournament.

The NFL has more players than the other leagues. This makes it difficult for them to make arrangements like the NBA, which created a bubble for its players, staff, and media members in Disney World, Florida. The tournament will be conducted inside this bubble at three different venues. The decision by the NFL has enraged a few people even though it was made to avoid any problems from arising during the tournament.