New Disturbing Details About Suspect in Waukesha Parade Tragedy…

New Disturbing Details About Suspect in Waukesha Parade Tragedy...
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Ben Shapiro – New information has surfaced about the man who drove his car into a Waukesha Christmas parade.

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Ben, everything you said is the truth. Glad someone in the “media” tells it like it is.

Biden’s spoken more about this than the people we left behind in Afghanistan. Let’s go Brandon

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The Biden Administration on Obamas orders are of course doing everything they can to cause separation and hatred amongst the American People, that is what causes these blatant attacks on innocent people. They want disruption, hatred, fighting to keep the peoples attention on something other that their destruction of the country, and them setting the Stage for the 2022 election with the ” Most inclusive, undetectable Fraud Machine again being installed in a area near you.

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The Democrats will want to put up a statue to honor this guy , next to the other black criminal George Floyd, but they will remove more of the real heros. Biden and company are looking out for you don’t worry. If you believe this I got a bridge for sale. the old marine


biteme will invite him to the White House!