NBC Admits ‘Scary News for Democrats’…

NBC Admits 'Scary News for Democrats'...
Image From Video Below...

BonginoReport – Biden is a disaster.

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Who are these stupid dumbarssses that are still approving this POS FJB?!! His rating is negative 81million!!!

If they come with this news and presented like this, then you know one thing for certain : Biden will be soon replaced. The signs are everywhere, you see Kamela Harris lately never together with Biden. ( She tries not to be ‘infected’ by the things Biden is messing up.) But, Harris as President will be a BIGGER disaster then Biden, so buckle up when this happening, folks.

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Where’s the Article? 2 2 comments by others then blank, I’m going back to bed

Ben Dare

No matter what the “polls” say, somehow we keep electing and re-electing the same lib/proggie stooges over and over again, expecting different results…