Nancy Pelosi’s Biggest Power Grab to Date is Exposed…

Blows Up In-Her-Face: Pelosi's Effort to Replace GOP Seat

Texas Senator Ted Cruz just exposed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s most recent—and biggest—power grab on the House floor.

As he spoke at a Senate Committee on Rules and Administration, Cruz warned about the Democrats’ push to pass the voting rights bill HR 1.

According to Senator Cruz, the Democrats intend to use this “power grab” to keep their party in control for a century. HR 1 hasn’t even passed, and Pelosi’s already starting.

“This bill is designed to corrupt the election process permanently,” Cruz declared. “It is a brazen and shameless power grab by Democrats, and it speaks volumes that this is HR 1 and S1—that the number 1 priority of Democrats is… keeping Democrats in power for 100 years.”

“Under this bill, there’s automatic registration of anybody,” he continued. “Everyone knows there are millions of illegal aliens who have driver’s licenses, who are getting welfare benefits, who attend public universities. This bill is designed to register every one of those illegal aliens.”

Other senators are speaking up against this “power grab,” doing their part to make sure it doesn’t pass.

As Trending Politics reports, HR 1 is a “radical voting bill” that mandates universal mail-in voting and automatic voter registration.

This is how the Democrats are “fortifying the elections forever, which will ensure Republicans never win,” says Blaze TV’s Slightly Offensive host Elijah Schaffer.

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Richard Ainsley

How can adding more voters be a power grab? Isn’t the USA supposed to be a democracy where ALL citizens get a vote? Are Republican advocating apartheid here? Really?


Citizenship isn’t automatically conferred on everyone who comes over the border, any more than every stranger that comes to our doorstep is given a place in our family. Try it, and you see why it won’t work. Besides, it’s been shown that the democrats dump these unknown individuals into republican districts, while they rush to give them amnesty and faux citizenship, and the fake right to vote.


Someone has the authority to haul the Biden/Harris faux administration away in shackles, but they’re not doing their job.The U.S. government won’t protect us, because it’s the responsibility, and the right of the American people to be in charge of their OWN national security, but we are too civilized, and too comfortable to take action. If we sit around, waiting for someone to retrieve our stolen Constitutional rights for us, then we deserve to suffer from the tender mercies of our tormentors.

H D Sabel

Pelousy the imitation legislator should be removed from office immediately and terminated with extreme predjudice