Nancy Pelosi Calls the Police After This…


Nancy Pelosi had a horrible New Year’s Eve in her swanky San Fran mansion. 

The House Speaker was up at 3 AM when she called the cops to report vandalism at her luxurious home. The graffiti looked like a typical work of Antifa – the violent vibe, the vicious messaging, and the anarchist symbol sprawled on and around her garage. 

Someone angry over stimulus checks covered Pelosi’s garage door with graffiti that read a crossed-out “$2K,” “we want everything,” and “cancel rent!” 

The horrible scene also shows a pig’s head and blood in front of her garage. 

Mainstream media hasn’t reported on the incident, but TMZ caught the story. The outlet reported that an alarming message kicked off Nancy Pelosi’s new year, and it appears related to the current financial struggles of millions of Americans. 

Pelosi’s San Fran home was vandalized on New Year’s Eve, and most of the damage covered her driveway and garage door. Spray paints include the failed $2,000 government stimulus checks. 

Sources say the suspects from the unnerving incident are yet to be identified.