MyPillow CEO Makes Stunning Political Announcement

Mike Lindell, the founder of MyPillow and a resident of Minnesota, criticized his state in managing the case of George Floyd and the following protests right after his death. Mike Lindell claimed that he has thoughts of running for governor.

On “Saturday Report,” Mike Lindell stated that the desired immediate arrest of Derek Chauvin would have to be done if he were governor: the police officer responsible for the death of George Floyd.

“It’s sad, because I think our leadership could have been a lot more prepared,” Lindell stated.

“Prepare on a big scale, better to have too many National Guardsmen than too few,” Lindell included.

Mike Lindell, who’s been a resident of Minnesota for all of his life, expressed his dissatisfaction with the governing state’s members.

“It comes down to we’ve had some very poor leadership from the mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey to AG Attorney General Keith Ellison, and governor Tim Walz, the list goes on.”

The question is: will Mike Lindell attempt to run for office?

“If God has me do it, I will do it,” Lindell stated.

“I just see things that are so poorly run, and they could be done a lot better. It might get down to, ‘if you want something done right, do it yourself.'”

Lindell claimed that Chauvin, the culprit of the controversy, should have been caught under a Minnesota law that permits a suspect to be detained for forty-eight-hours without being charged.

“There are bad people in all walks of life, as well as police,” Lindell declared.

Mike Lindell for governor? Why not?

After all, Lindell has become a political figure whether he wants to be or not, because the businessman has been close to President Donald Trump and appeared at White House events.

What most people do not recognize is that Mike Lindell is already a political figure whether he chooses to be a political figure or not, due to the nature of his close relationship with our President Donald Trump, and his visibility at the events in the White House.

Mike Lindell was also featured by the media for his gesture of converting his factory in manufacturing N95 masks for the American people.

President Donald Trump’s chairman in his 2020 campaign in Minnesota is no one else. Still, Mike Lindell, evaluating that President Donald Trump surprisingly won the state in 2016, things will seem brighter since Mike Lindell is an avid supporter. 

As for Lindell winning statewide office, Minnesota trends blue in that department, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s disqualified.

A shock to the system like last week’s riots could change the electoral calculus considerably — and this was the state that sent Jesse “The Body” Ventura to the governor’s mansion.

A disruption to the status quo like the riots of last week may alter the electoral calculus- considering that Minnesota is a state that delivered Jesse “The Body” Venture to the governor’s mansion.

Governor Lindell sounds promising.

No one can say for sure, provided of the horrible leadership we’re having right now, Mike Lindell may be able to change things for the betterment of America.