Must Watch: The US is Actively Working with its Enemy…

Must Watch: The US is Actively Working with its Enemy...
Image From Video Below...

Fox News – Fox Nation host slams the Biden administration over the crisis in Afghanistan on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’

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Nathanal Washington III

Well folks democrat voter fraud has consequences.

The consequence this time is a blacks hating perverted old white kkk member running the country.

Biden will sell out and murder anyone to keep the kkk democrats in power.

My fellow black Americans you were better off with trump. Especially now that we know obama, biden and soros funded the development and release of covid 19. Fauci was tge project manager and the cdc knew all about it.

Black Americans need to learn to stop voting democrats. They are keeping you in chains.


To all of my fellow Americans, no matter what race or religious belief, we’re all being attacked by evil criminals, traitors and our foreign enemies! We must stand together as a united front against them and fight for our country, ourselves and our children and grandchildren. We have no options, it’s fight or be enslaved or killed! We can no longer think or expect THIS GOVERNMENT to protect us or the futures of our children and grandchildren. They are the ENEMY and we need to destroy them or, perish!

Gabe hanzeli Kent wa

F#@k biden

Sam the sham

Yes yes indeed joke briben is the worst president of all time followed closely by Johnson, Carter, fdr, truman, clinton, Obama, Kennedy. Bush Jr. , and then Taft.

Biden is completely screwed up in every possible way. The man schiffs his diapers!

[email protected] biden


Biden may be a senile traitor and criminal but, the fact is, that he’s just a pawn in the attack on our country! If you’ve done your homework or, at least, been watching what’s been going on, you have got to know that George Soros and the Communist Chinese are supporting the Democrat Domestic Terrorist Organization. The Biden Crime Family is in the pockets of the Communist Chinese to the tune of millions of dollars and the Communists are calling in their investment. In short, our country is being run by “employees” of the Communist Chinese! If we hope to survive, we’ll need to fight, our illegitimate and corrupt government first and George Soros and the Communist Chinese next! This is not a game, we’re playing for the most important stakes of our lives and we need to win. Some of us might believe that Kamala Harris will do better if, she takes over for Biden, not so! She’s also in the pockets of the Communist Chinese and George Soros. Taking it a step further, Nancy Pelosi is also in the pockets of George Soros. Don’t believe me? Just check out Pelosi’s relationship with Soros and look into Pelosi’s business dealings! That says it all!


How much longer and how many more lives have to be sacrificed before Americans say enough is enough and rise up against this illegitimate and corrupt government? It’s time to fight for your rights, freedoms and the lives of our children and grandchildren! Don’t want to fight? Then get your sorry butts out of the way and let Loyal American Patriots get the job done! Not for you but, for our country and all those that we love!