Must Watch: The NYC Fire Department Quits…

Must Watch: The NYC Fire Department Quits...
Image From Video Below...

Joey Saladino Show – Protesters DUMP Trash on DeBlasio’s Mansion | 26 FDNY Fire Houses CLOSE due to Vaccine Mandates

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The dumbasses in power are waking the sleeping giant.

He’s a political parasite. Im so happy people are waking up. Let’s Go Brandon!!!

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All liberals / democrats / progressives are parasites. They expect society to be tolerant of they laziness and constant demands that tge rest of us pay for their dtupid laziness behaviors while they claim social justice.

Let’s go brandon


The powers that be don’t care, this isn’t about health, the virus is just a means to an end. They don’t care if firehouses or hospitals shut down. In the end, it furthers their agenda, they will call anarchy and take even more control. By 2024 it will be too late.