Must Watch: The Left Will Eat the Left Over This…

Must Watch The Left Will Eat the Left Over This...
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Ben Shapiro – Acting Boston Mayor Kim Janey thinks requiring city residents to prove they’ve been vaccinated against COVID-19 is tantamount to racist, Jim Crow-style regulation requiring individuals to “show their papers.” And Biden hasn’t said a word about it.

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When you spend a year claiming America is systematically racist, and then vote for the guy who’s been in the system for almost 50 years

Democrats – “Voter ID’s are racist”, also Democrats – “Show me your vaccine passport”

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Oh, I like this one – voter ID’s are “racist”, but “vaccination passports” aren’t, even tho’ there is no evidence that blacks are disproportionately under-represented among licensees but there IS information that blacks lag whites and other groups by at least 65% when it comes to vaccinations. If I were black, I think I might take some umbrage to that one…