Must Watch: Ted Cruz Drops Nukes on the Senate Floor…

Must Watch: Ted Cruz Drops Nukes on the Senate Floor...
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Dinesh D’Souza – “Has there ever been an institution in American public life that has more discredited itself more rapidly, than the CDC?”

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The Democrat Party does not want to serve the people, they want to RULE the people.

And illegals who are covid positive pour across the border with no oversight or repercussions

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I hope Peeeelosi chokes in her Chicom mask!!


Exactly, this country is increasingly going the wrong way. It is becoming a communist/socialist country way too fast. It needs to be stopped, those running this agenda need to be stopped or we won’t have a country anymore. Our border needs closing and stop immigration from happening right NOW, it is causing the china virus to spike and the democrats just keep lying and bringing them in saying they care about us and we the people need to wear masks as they continue bringing ILLEGALS into this country and spreading the virus. People you need to wake up and we need to rise up and make our voices heard and vote all these people out, republican(rhino’s and democrats), if that is even possible with the cheating in our elections, that they lie about also, so much fraud. They are all bought off except for the few who actually do care. Maybe we need an America First government that is not bought off and do care about the country and America. A war is coming and we will have to choose. I choose God and country!


How’s your family doing in Cancun? Lying Ted.

Red Sundown

Jealous much? Too bad you can’t afford a summer vacation, eh… silly person!