Must Watch: Psaki Denies that Biden is to Blame for Americans Held by Taliban…

Must Watch: Psaki Denies that Biden is to Blame for Americans Held by Taliban...
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The Next News Network – Spencer Brown from Townhall reports, As Taliban terrorists continue to prevent Americans and Afghan allies from departing Afghanistan on chartered evacuation flights, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki insisted Joe Biden and his administration are not at fault after leaving Americans behind to fend for themselves in a terrorist playground filled with Taliban, al Qaeda, and ISIS-K fighters.

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The only thing Biden built back better is the Talibiden not the USA.

That red haired woman is stupid. Biden caused all this. I dont even like hearing her talk.

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I know … how dare they blame old Joe just because he pulled the troups out in the middle of the nite and left all them Americans behind and tell other country’s not to let planes a land there if they have Americana on board . We all know it’s trumps fault … right ??? Cause if he was in the white house this won’t have happened , so because the delusional democrats used voters fraud to steal the president election it’s trump fault . That folks is the delusional democrats way of thinking . So it must be trumps fault cause dumb ass’s say so . You can’t make this crap up , they are this stupid for saying it . Pitt the ones that belive their lies


I hope she doesn’t have any kids , cause they will get beat up a lot because of her lies for biden . Specialy if any had any family members left behind by old Joe . She’s just as dirty as old Joe for lying for him .