Must Watch: Psaki Confronted Over Lack of Public Response…

Must Watch: Psaki Confronted Over Lack of Public Response…

Last Monday, during a press briefing, a reporter confronted White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki about the poll results regarding the border.

Before the press briefing, the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research had released poll results concerning President Joe Biden’s immigration policies.

“We released a poll earlier today that suggests that 25 percent of Americans — only 25 percent — approve of the way that the President is handling the situation at the border to unaccompanied minors.  So does this poll suggest that the President needs to reevaluate his approach to that issue?” the reporter asked.

“Well, if I read the poll correctly, it also had 59 percent of Americans believing that unaccompanied children should be treated safely and be protected in that way.  And 65 percent supported the reunification of families,” Psaki replied.

“There’s no question this is a difficult challenge, and the President believes he was elected to address hard problems,” she continued. “And his focus, right now, is on expediting processing at the border, opening up additional facilities, addressing the root causes, and restarting programs to incentivize kids from applying from within their countries.”

“So is the issue just a messaging issue then? I mean, how do you explain the fact that Americans are not in favor of what the President is doing at the border?” the reporter pressed.

Psaki responded that she was “not sure” that the reporter gave “an accurate depiction of the poll” because one-third of the people replied that they “didn’t have an opinion at all.”

“So I think that, right now, our focus is not on looking at the poll,” Psaki said. “It is on implementing solutions, which is to address what we view as, no question, a difficult challenge and hoping that we can ensure we are protecting these kids.”

“We are continuing to reassert to the region ‘the border is not open.’ The majority of adults who come to the border are turned away. Continuing to implement programs in the region, whether working with them to address root causes or working with them to restart programs that can help kids from — apply within the country. That is — we feel those are the ways we can help address what is, no question, a challenging issue,” she concluded.

Did she just imply that the citizens’ opinions don’t matter?

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Bill Whatley

Sorry That these Children’s Parents are dropping them across Our Border, but We have Children here in the States that are citizens that are living in worse conditions than being provided for these illegals. When are the Politicians in Washington, D.C. going to remember for whom they Work? They are not Employees of the World, they are Employees of the American People and therefore should place Our interests before any other group. President Biden, stop the flow of illegals into Our Country. There are legal ways for entry to be gained and You know full well of that procedure. Send the Children back across the Border to their Families and stop attempting to “Save the World” when We have issues here at home that need addressing. We surely do not need to have Our Taxes spent on Peoples that have not worked to earn that spending. We do not need to house, feed and educate the children of other Countries when Our Government Officials don’t even spend half the time on Veterans who are homeless, Children in rural areas that are under fed and living in less than acceptable conditions. I am all for the mixture of people that make up our Great Country but am definitely not for Giving It Away to anyone that wants to come and take advantage of Our good nature.
The American People are tired of supporting the Worlds needy when they don’t even seem to make an attempt at bettering themselves. Just put out a hand and Good Ole America will feed, clothe and educate You??? STOP it now, invest in Our People, they need the Help and have earned the right to it. I am sure that noone with any say about the situation We face, will even read this, but I know I am not the only one that is sick and tired of being the World Bank and watching Our costs go higher and higher and then giving what We have worked for away for stupid things, ( ie; Study of sexuality in Pakistan? ) What the hell do we care about that?


Very well said!!! And no, Biden does not care what the US citizens think. This whole border disaster is of his making and to accomplish a new demographic in our country to keep a Democrat in the WH as the Dems take us into communism and then elections will be needless. One solution is to deport all these illegals and put a law in place that no one, and that is no one, who enters this country illegally or under a false claim for asylum is ever allowed to vote.


Are they being turned away? I think not. Last night I saw a report where the reporter followed a father and son across the border to be processed. Within 12 hours they were on a plane to NY or Philly.


They all go to the same “double talk” school. Psaki got an A

John J

Biden started the problem and now he’s trying to be a hero, won’t work, Alzheimer’s boy

Patricia Myes

There would be no problem at the border except for Biden’s rhetoric and follow-up actions. He and his mob are directly responsible for this crisis and need to clean up their act!

Michael G Warren

This is all a ploy for Biden and Democrats to get the Latino vote in 2024.