Must Watch: People Can See the Serious Mental Decline of Joe Biden…

Must Watch People Can See the Serious Mental Decline of Joe Biden...
Image From Video Below...

Sky News Australia – Sky News host Andrew Bolt says people can see the serious “mental decline” of Joe Biden, who still has three years to go as President.

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It speaks volumes that this is less embarrassing for the White House than letting Biden answer questions.

I’m more worried about the decline in America. Not the urinal in charge.

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Patti L Mason

Good report, sadly very accurate. We are watching what Egypt did with child Pharaohs’ – the decline moved faster with that.

R b

U can see that there is No Lights on in that Skull. They are Plain Dead.


“Those staffers are panicking . . .” Well said, sir. The incredible rudeness and shocking disrespect of those staffers, especially with a guest in mid-sentence, is seen to be a shameful display by each person who witnessed it in every nation around the globe. The uncouth White House staffers have absolutely degraded our country.