Must Watch: How Can They Stand and Lie on This Scale?

Must Watch: How Can They Stand and Lie on This Scale?
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Fox News – Fox Nation host Lara Logan and Adam Boehler discuss terror threats facing the US on ‘Hannity’

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Biden is the worst thing that could happen to America

Joe has lied on this level for so long, he now believes his own lies.

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How??? Because according to the Communist manifesto a lie is not a lie if it advances their agenda.




Hidenbiden, handed America and it’s allies on a silver platter to the terrorists, he had no intention of getting americans or allies out. He is spineless,pathetic,sick,senile,frail,old,sockpuppet,fool installed by the deep state, to destroy America,he seems to be doing a great job. Unless we get rid of this traitorous, dementia,old fool, with impeachment, he needs to be removed from office,for total incompetence.


Ahhh, you better be meaning the whole Biden Syndicate or of no use to do that. Old Kamila could be even worse than Biden!


All legal actions have died for it is time to start shooting all traitors now .


The legal system as it applies to all Americans has died as attested to every damn day! Words don’t work anymore that’s for sure!


I can’t understand all the consternation with the Biden Syndicate. Really, you put a bunch of monkeys into the White House and then say, “How could this happen?” You put a chimpanzee at the controls of a 747 and then expect good flying and perfect landings????