Must Watch: Dr. Fauci Was ‘Up to His Neck’ Funding Wuhan research…

Must Watch Dr. Fauci Was 'Up to His Neck' Funding Wuhan research...
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Sky News Australia – Dr Anthony Fauci was “up to his neck” funding coronavirus research in Wuhan, which “just shows how incredibly stupid” he is, says Sky News host Sharri Markson.

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The only way the elites will be held accountable is when the world’s people join together and hold them accountable.

I want to know why people aren’t calling this exactly what it is. This was a MAN MADE biological weapon unleashed on the World.

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Briben biden

Why isn’t Fauci turned over to the hague to be put on trial for crimes against humanity.

The chinese were not to blame for this pandemic is was obama, biden and fauci.


You left out ugly cement face old hag Pelosi.


When is this lying, traitor,fraudci, going to arrested, and held accountable for helping the chicons, release this bio=terrorist weapon, against us and the world. We have plenty of proof this phony,disease specialist, has blood on his hands, for funding this nightmare, and is making money off of it. Now it’s time for this criminal, to face the music, he killed.

Jack Speese

Sharri, you’re right on. The only thing I don’t agree with you on is that Fauci is stupid. Unfortunately he is demonically clever and incredibly arrogant. He ought to read Frankenstein and other stories about arrogant “mad” scientists! How could anyone approve funding this kind of research, especially in a communist state? And have the colossal chutzpah to say that it is worth the chance of a pandemic? Our son nearly died from this damn China virus. I despise this guy!

Harry Balls

Pelosi sucks! Schumer sucks! Fauci sucks!!