Must Watch: Biden Makes the Worst Political Decision of His Lifetime…

Must Watch: Biden Makes the Worst Political Decision of His Lifetime...
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Sky News Australia
– US President Joe Biden made the “worst political decision in our lifetimes” by withdrawing all American troops from Afghanistan, according to Former EA to US President Reagan Peggy Grande.

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This was THE WORST foreign disaster America has ever suffer. Period.

Absolutely disgusting what American politicians are doing and allowing

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sally died OF VAXX

According to the VAERS tracking website, in the United States, 3,933 Americans have died following the Moderna COVID vaccination. 10,848 have died due to the Pfizer vaccination.
Add to this the covid shots provide symptom reduction to about 40% of people who receive the shot but do not stop vaccinated people for getting or transmitting covid. then after 5 months the shots wear off and at 8 months provide no protection what so ever.
But lying joke briben said the covid vaccine (which the shots are not) are safe and effective.
clearly the covid shots (vaccines) are neither safe or effective.
So folks why the push to get us all vaccinated? why have people fired for not getting this shot? Why have so many medical people choose to quit rather then be vaccinated?
Can one of you pro vax creeps explain your thinking?