Must Watch: Biden Gets Trolled at an Unscheduled Stop…

Must Watch: Biden Gets Trolled at an Unscheduled Stop...
Image From Video Below...

The News Junkie’s Archives – Biden got trolled at unscheduled stop at a volunteer fire dept in Shanksville, PA.

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Damn was that “photo op” an endorsement for President Donald Trump! Best damn thing Biden has done this whole time in office!

Those weren’t just MAGA hats, they were also hair-sniffer-deflectors. No parent should allow their kid to be around Joey without one

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Betty Rickmond

One of my most special times on
9/11 was watching and hearing
the receptions and love President
Trump received from the Police
Precinct and the first responders
from the Firehouse. They miss him
as I/we do.