Must Watch: Biden Can’t Stop Coughing While Discussing Public Health…

Must Watch: Biden Can't Stop Coughing While Discussing Public Health...
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The News Junkie’s Archives – Biden can’t stop coughing while speaking about public health.

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Imagine being a liberal and accusing someone else of being a hypocrite.

Sleepy old Joe is chocking on his own lies. What a joke he is God help America.

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Democrats are evil

well he probably had his covid booster shot and now he is sick. Or he might have been schiffing his pants and coughing to cover up the noise of the squirts.

I don’t think there are any thinking people left who do not agree: Orange man was better much much better.

Dan Danser

The truth is that vaccinated people pose a greater risk to the unvaccinated and the vaccinated as the vaccinated people carry a significantly Higher amount of virus germs! Since the vaccinated people are Protected (?) they have no issues with the unvaccinated! Since there are so many Break-thru cases, the vaccinated people are a greater threat to everyone than the unvaccinated!